Zakynthos, Shipwreck and Blue caves

Zakynthos Navagio
, Shipwreck and Blue caves

This year I have been traveling a bit, and one stop was at the greenest Greek island, Zakynthos.

A little bit about Zakynthos island

The island is mainly full of tourists and students, mainly from England, who earned money through holidays as animators in various bars and discos.

But nevertheless, Island is very much characterized by its beautiful nature that simple fascinate and charm you.

In 1954 there was an earthquake in Zakynthos, which shattered most of the buildings on the island.

Therefore, there cannot be found the traditional white houses with blue roofs, as this is still an area of earthquake and construction must be solid and reliable.
As Zakynthos has a sufficient rainfall it is quite a green island.

Zakynthos is also known as hilly island, although the number of ascents remunerated with beautiful views of the hilly countryside on one side and the sea, which extends to the horizon, on the other.

Zakynthos cavesWest coast of Zakynthos

West coast of the island is more rocky and less accessible, but those who are persistent – those are rewarded with beautiful coves and emerald green waters.

This, west part of the island is more peaceful and authentic, as there are rocky beaches and only few of them are accessible.

One, which I would recommend on this side of the island, is the beach of Limnionas, or Porto Limnionas as it is called by the locals.

Limnionas beach is located approx. 32 kilometers western from Zakynthos town.

It’s a very nice beach, not crowded and with very nice fish restaurants.

Zakynthos ShipwreckShipwreck and Blue caves

I would also recommend, going around the island with boat, as this way, you could get to the beach Navagio, also known for Shipwreck and Blue caves, which are amazing to see.

With one day boat trip, which you could take from any place in Zakynthos, you will be able to see amazing caves, emerald green waters where water is so pure that you see life at the very bottom of the sea …and numerous others unforgettable things and places.

When the boat comes to the sandy beach which is surrounded by high rocks, the boat stops and then you can actually swim in the beautiful water, because the sand and the beach is such that it takes a unique color.

Zakynthos Keri beachThe most amazing is a smugglers bay known also as Shipwreck, where we could see wrecked ship from 1985, with which they smuggled cigarettes and alcohol.

Locals say, that the captain of this ship is still alive somewhere in Zakynthos. Shipwreck is very often on posters presenting Zakynthos, and Greece as whole.

Zakynthos west sideGenerally, Zakynthos is wonderful; nature is wonderful, hospitable Greeks.

They know that you are on vacation; therefore they respect that and try to comfort you.

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