Zakynthos, magical Greek island

Zakynthos postcardZakynthos is a Greek’s magical island picturesque landscape, where you feel like at home, home in Greece.

Zakynthos has fascinated me with the shades of green, as it is planted with many olive plantations, citrus fruits, various flowers and vines.

Zakynthos is the most southern island in the Ionian Sea, surrounded with the crystal clear blue sea.

Beauty of the island has already been undertaken, as the Venetians called “Fiore di Levante” flower of East.

Zakynthos is an island of contradictions, as you could on one side discovered the idyllic Greek villages which haven’t lost their magic s and authenticity, and on the other hand you can find cosmopolitan cities full of life.

Zakynthos blue caveWhen you lie down on the beautiful sandy beaches, there a chance that you could admire the turtles Caretta – Caretta, or sit about idly in the genuine local tavern, you would be touched and dazzled by this beauty island.

Aragasi is one of the oldest holiday resorts on the island.

This oldest town has an attractive landscape, which has retained its authenticity.

Aragasi is one of the most popular towns on the island, especially interesting is for families.

It has a nice bay with sand and pebble beach with translucent and clear sea with the possibility of water sports.

The place is suitable for relaxation and it has numerous shops, restaurants, bars and  at the same time discos for the party.

Zakynthos beachArgasi is located 4 km from the town of Zakynthos. Laganas is the largest and most lively resort on the green island, also known by the much known tortoise Caretta – Caretta.

Moreover, it’s surrounded with a wonderful 9 km long sandy beach.

Laganas is a real paradise for those who wish to have holiday nights passing by with the lively rhythms from the restaurant, bars and discos open late into the night.

Laganas is based 7 km from the town Zakynthos.

Quite know and protected place is also Kalamaki. With protected I mean, secured from the national guardians, which are looking after tortoise Caretta-Caretta.

Zakynthos caveAs every year there are less and less tortoises, they start with rigorous regulations, which will help them to keep beaches as they were before.

It’s forbidden to collect shells or to take them with you. Beach at Kalamaki is open from 9 a.m. until 8 p.m., when they close beach for tourists.

As at night tortoise are coming to lie on their eggs. If it’s crowded with people or lights, they are not returning back.

Kalamaki is a typical Greek village, which is slowly being transformed into a pleasant tourist resort with a restaurant and souvenir shop.

Here you can also enjoy wide beautiful sandy beach. Due to the proximity of the occasional aircraft over flights also a noise can be expected.

Night flights are banned for airplanes.

Tsilivi / Planos is a small, modern holiday village, located north of the town of Zakynthos and is surrounded by the typical island vegetation with groves citrus fruit, olives and vines.

ZakynthosAdditionally provide a rich supply of genuine taverns, souvenir shops and bars.

Why would I recommend Zakynthos?

Whereas  Zakynthos is a island ideal for families, adventure and explorers, who are  looking for fun

  • because you will have the unique opportunity to admire the turtles Caretta – Caretta
  • because you will be dazzled by the island province of beautiful beaches, hidden coves, impenetrable groves of olives and grapes
  • On the island you will find original Greek hospitality and traditional Greek cuisine
  • Because you can be spoiling yourself with fully developed tourist destination and at the same time enjoying the traditional coastal towns.
  • It’s amazing to feel and felt that shivering sea touch on the long and warn beaches, where the colors of wet and sun desired bodies are sparkling.

Zakynthos windmillPassionate and deep looks will engender the most hidden fantasies.

True fantasy will conjure up town filled with energy, desire, fun, modern dance rhythms, moving hips and a myriad of those who have already found their spot in the land of never and nevermore.

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