How to Eat Right for Your blood Type

As I mentioned in my few previous posts, here are some fact about four different blood types and food that suits them the best. I try it and it really works. You can feel difference in just few days. If you try hard enough to avoid food that doesn’t suit your blood type, you can also gain some weight with it. More important – you will feel great. Guaranteed.


Diets for blood type 0 – as “old”

Group 0 is the oldest, basic blood group of our ancestors, created 40.000 b.c. years ago in the African continent, from where it has spread to Asia and Europe, to look for new territories. Meat proteins have supplied our ancestor with all needed energy. People owning blood type 0 are in general stronger, brave, have difficulties adapting to changes and are less anticipated to cooperation in team – all as a result of their ancestors.  They have a good tolerance of ketoze situation – a result full of proteins food and fat and low on carbohydrate. As body metabolized proteins and fat into ketone which instead of sugar maintain the level of glucose in the blood and also consume its energy instead of sugar. Ketoze could cause liver problems with some other blood groups. Slender hunters have been form by combination of ketoze, consumption of calories and constant physical activities. These hunters were indispensable link human survival.


–    supportive digestive tract, highly active immune system, rigidity, tendency of a slow thyroid
physical activity is very suitable, maintaining healthy diet with rich proteins (meat fat, fish), fruit and vegetables, bad tolerance with cereals, legumes, pasta, milk and dairy products
More disposed to the fallowing problems:
–    blood clotting problem, inflammation / mainly virus (cold or flu), limb pain, ulcer , allergies (hay), asthma, sinusitis.

Food with which you will gain weight

–    wheat gluten (slow down insulin effect and metabolism)
–    corn ( slow down insulin effect and metabolism)
–    Beans (slows down exploitation of calories)
–    Cabbage (inhibits function of thyroid hormones)
–    Brussels sprouts (inhibits function of thyroid hormones)
–    Cauliflower (inhibits function of thyroid hormones)
–     Mustard seed (inhibits function of thyroid hormones)

fresh-fruit-natural-juice-diet1The biggest weight gain is caused by gluten and wheat grain, because it creates situation opposite to ketoza and obstructing use of calories from food. Corn effect is similar, but has less influence then wheat. The second important factor sorts of legumes, which lectins accumulate in muscle tissue and make them less prepared for physical activity. People with blood type 0 have slightly more sour muscles, so they can use calories much better.

The third important factor is connected to thyroid. Group 0 have more dispositions to have less thyroid hormone. This is usually caused because of not enough iodine in the body.

Food which helps lose weight

–    Seaweed (containing iodine, increasing production  of thyroid hormones), seafood (contains iodine, increases production of thyroid hormones), Iodine salt (contains iodine, increases production of thyroid hormones), it is better to enter the iodine in the body with algae and sea food, because huge amount of sodium in the body would increase blood pressure and withholding water in the body

–    Liver (source of vitamin B, better metabolism function), red meat (better metabolism function), spinach, broccoli, kale (better metabolism function)
Reaction to stress – group 0 reacts as our ancestors – with explosions.

Therefore these people need constant physical activity. This will not only stimulate body but will also allow weight control, emotional balance and help to achieve satisfaction with our all human being. Persons, which are not very active in physical activity can easily, fall into low metabolism level, which can consequently cause depression, tiredness and insomnia.

Recommended sports

Aerobics (40-60 minutes, 3-4x per week), Swimming (30-45 min, 3-4x per week), Running (30 min, 3-4x a week), Lifting weights (30 min, 3x per week), Climb the stairs (Step) (20 – 30 min 3-4x a week), Martial arts (60 min, 2-3x per week), group sports (60 min, 2-3x per week), Rhythmic gymnastics (30-45 min, 3x per week), Cycling (30 min, 3x per week), Fast walking (30-40 min 5x a week), Dance (40-60 min, 3x per week), Skating (30 min, 3-4x per week).


proteins2Meat – enjoy meat freely as one of the beneficiary food. If you doing some heavy physical work or are involved to physically demanding sports, you need to quite a large amount of proteins in your body. But be quite aware of the portions – our ancestors didn’t have feast with half kilo meat. To them meat was too valuable to be send unwisely. Therefore, do not enjoy more than 180 grams per meal.

Group 0 have a more acid in the stomach; therefore they are very good at digesting and absorbing meat into a body.  But despite all that, we should also pay attention to enjoy enough vegetables and fruit in our meals. Otherwise, we could be facing too much acid in our stomach and duodenum. Usefull meat: beef, buffalo, lamb, mutton, heart, liver, venison, neutral chicken, ducks, partridges, pheasant, rabbit, turkey, quail, harmful pork, goose, ham, salami.

In next post I will write about useful vegetables, fruit, herbs and all other sort of things that are good for blood type 0.

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