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Tuscany is a picturesque landscape on the west coast of Italy, on the Tyrrhenian Sea.

Tuscany is one of the most popular destinations in Italy and also most visited place on the world.

People from all over the world are cruising over Tuscany. If you visiting Europe, Tuscany is “the” place to visit. 

Tuscany and Florence are the cradle of Renaissance, which is marked even soybean art historical period.
Each year, the festival happens in Siena Il Palio di Siena, where the horsemen fight for the honor of neighborhoods.

Tuscany is known for its wealth of culture. Cities such as Volterra, San Gimignano, Lucca, Florence and many others are real pearls of art history.

I recently returned from a trip on which they long, long time I wanted! By car on the road trip!

For the routes I chose Provence, which I later added a Tuscany! As it was an excellent decision because I saw two beautiful end of Europe!

A lot of the time, you could say I was going to feel the terrain, since these places I will definitely return! Here is part of Tuscany.

All visiting destinations I chose mainly with the help of Google Earth’s map. Even from afar you can see in which place the most pictures from are, and has the greater density of images.

This means, that this please is worth and interesting to visit.

For my first destination, I past Venice down the highway and by the sea, I plan to visit place Brisighella.

Later on, I was already climbing up to the local castle, and later I continue my trip to Mirabilandia.

This decisions made a child in me – as Mirabilandia is the place similar to Gardaland, it’s a place full of rollercoaster’s, and thing to make fun with.

Then, later on, in the evening, I start the way towards Florence, where I caught the most weird weather phenomenon, which I’ve ever seen.

I saw a black sky, heavy lightning, and one small part of a strong strong radiant sun. wow, this made amazing colors, I have not see anything like that before!

Early in the morning was on the way to Piazza Michelangelo, this was a viewpoint above Florence.

Amazing to see. Afterwards I take a path to the city, over the Ponte Vecchio, where I as cruising over the streets of the city.

I was looking at the palaces and statues, and later on I climb to the tower. After I had my relax time in Ponte Vecchio, I continue my way towards next destination, Asciano! Or Tuscany!

Here I saw what a real Tuscany was. Crazy! This part is called the Crete Senesi. Along with the road there are places with small chairs. 

Where you can sit down and enjoy the view. It amazing and crazy at the same time! Oohhh, this was something for my soul.

It was worth visiting, indeed.
I the evening I came to place named Bagni Di San Fillipo where I decided to stay for the night.

In the village, there was a baths or stream with a sulfur source, with temperature of 33 degrees.

In the evining I went there to soak. Oooo , at that point of my traveling it seems that it couldn’t get any better.

 I enjoy it big time. I woke up at the sunny and foggy Tuscany. I continue my way to Sorano, a typical Tuscan village.

I saw here; the castle, churches, city walls which are usually based at the top of the hill.

Then, later on, I came to the town Sovana, which lies nearby Etruscan tomb!

These tomb were from the time before the Romans. Tombs scattered in the area of a circle of 2 km, and they are at 10 different locations. They are carved in the flysch rock, really exceptional!
Then, my way take me to town named Pitigliano.

And then, my next location,…oooo I hardly wait for this one .

It was Rome Saturnia spa. In the middle of nature comes from soil sulfuric spring temperatures again around 33 degrees.

Water has made a very interesting formations or some sort of pots, as small pools.

I was a lot of people there, and each of them was in his own little pool.  Amazing to see.

I will take some time to bath now… and you will need to read my next post to find out about my trip to Tuscany.

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