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phuket island

Location of Phuket

The island of Phuket lies in the Andaman Sea in southern Thailand. With a length of about 50 km and a width of about 22 km it is approximately 543 km ² large and hence Thailand’s largest island. It has the only island of the status of a province) (Changwat.

The island is separated by a narrow channel from the mainland: Captain James Forrest reported in 1784 by a narrow isthmus about 1 mile long and half a mile wide, which was only covered at high tide about 10 feet of water.

On the west coast there are numerous picturesque beaches, one of whom, the Patong beach, according to records of Captain Alexander Hamilton nor the beginning of the 18th Century, an excellent port of refuge for sailing ships in the north-east monsoon offered. There are many beaches, the target of tourist package tourists from around the world.

The interior of the island was once covered by dense jungle, which was also home to a diverse fauna. The Danish biologist Dr. Koenig reported in 1779, he had to take on his “botanise-trips” once already run away from wild elephants that tiger, the goat in his camp Lebendvorräte decimated. He reported on the rhinoceros, whose horn was a popular and expensive commodity. Today there are only a few places in which to grow a jungle, such as the National Park on the northern tip of the island. Mainly, however, the island is now covered with coconut trees, there are also some rubber plantations, pineapple and bananas are grown.

Bangtao beach

Phuket Bangtao beach

Phuket Bangtao beach

Origin of name

On old nautical charts from the 13th Century, the island is designated as Junkceylon, probably a corruption of the Malay Ujong Salan, which means “Cape Salang (” Junkceylon “has nothing to do with Chinese junks, or the island) do Ceylon. In Portugal, the Portuguese spelling cards Iunsalão is again a different spelling is Jonkcelaon.

The natives called their island in ancient times chalange (ฉลาง), then dipped to as Thalang (ถลาง) in Siamese documents. The term “Phuket” (ภูเก็จ) was used to clear only the name of the southernmost district of the island, which has probably only) chance similarity with the Malaysian Bukit (hill, because the Malays had never settled on the island.

Only toward the end of the 19th Century changed the name of the island of Junkceylon in the present name “Phuket”.


Legend has it already, the Egyptian geographer Ptolemy in the 1st Century have been to Phuket. Detectable but the island is mentioned first, against 1200 in the Annals of Kedah, Malaysia.

The first settlers on the island were the ethnic group of the Mon people who immigrated to the pre-Sukhothai from Burma. After the takeover by King of Ayutthaya Ekathotsarot allowed here first trade by Europeans, the Portuguese first established settlements. Its architectural influence is still being felt today. Attracted by the rich Zinnvorräte came in the 19th Century Chinese to Phuket. In 1933 the town was declared a provincial capital. Many people are Malays, the Muslim influence is felt so well.

On 26 December 2004 Phuket was hit by a tsunami with great destructive power, called for in the entire region, many deaths. The origin was a strong earthquake in the Indian Ocean off the northwest coast of Sumatra. Learn more about earthquakes in the Indian Ocean 2004th In the area of Kata and Karon and south of it are seen in May 2005 only a few effects of the tsunami, and also to the other beaches have passed since the winter 2005/2006 season, no more traces of the disaster so far.


Phuket has an international airport, located 32 km from the capital in the northern part of the island in Thalang district (see Phuket airport).

Thailand Phuket Erawan Falls

Thailand Phuket Erawan Falls

Thailand Phuket Erawan Falls

Phuket Ko Phing Kan

Phuket Ko Phing Kan

Phuket Ko Phing Kan

Phuket Suratthani Kohtao Nangyuan

Phuket Suratthani Kohtao Nangyuan

Phuket Suratthani Kohtao Nangyuan

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