Why use a walkie talkie on vacations or travel – avoid expensive roaming costs

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Half the family heads for the giraffes; the rest for the lizard house. Or some want to go hiking, while others prefer to kayak. How do you reconnect? Forget juggling cell phones (and suffering poor reception) or rushing to inconvenient meeting points. Think two-way radios, the updated walkie-talkies. This year’s batch offers plenty of talk channels, longer ranges, and, in some cases, weather forecasts and mapping capabilities.

If you’re planning on traveling and want to avoid high roaming costs you need need a set of radios to help you communicate with others on the trip. Make sure to check out the selection of license-free radios or two way FRS radios. These walkie talkie sets are designed specifically for use in airports, bus terminals, amusement parks, hotels, attractions, or just about anywhere else you might go on a trip.

Please note that UK Walkie-Talkies are illegal to use in the US, and US devices are illegal to use in the UK.

Most persons don’t use walkie talkies, let alone “citizens band” radio, when communicating among cars because cellphone service is so good. Perhaps check out pre-paid cellphones that you can buy in any Wal-Mart, etc., or online from Amazon, such as Tracfone phones. Once purchased, you could use them for future trips, or give/sell them (with their unused minutes and service time) to friends traveling to the U.S.

Walkie talkies for road trips

When you’ve multiple vehicles are travelling together, two way radios (or walkie talkies) are an excellent way for the entire group to stay in touch. Provide a radio per vehicle and, at the touch of a button, all travellers are immediately in contact. This makes it a breeze to coordinate route changes, stops for food or gas, or to notify the group of car trouble.

When shopping for a two way radio to be used for a caravan, the following features will be most important:

Range – Becoming separated by a mile or more is easy in vehicles. If one member of the group gets caught at a stop light, this distance alone could put you out of range for many two way radios. Range is absolutely the most critical consideration when considering radios for a caravan.

Battery Life – Without power outlets being readily available, keeping your radio charged is a big concern if you’re planning a long drive. Look for models with extremely long battery life, those that have the ability to operate on standard AA or AAA batteries in a pinch, or models that support a vehicle charger.

NOAA Weather Information – Having weather information available is not a critical requirement, but may be convenient while travelling or when you reach your destination.

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