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Top ten most beautiful exotic islands

Written by Kizie

In these cold days I recommend warmly these ten most beautiful exotic islands, which I will describe further own in my post.

In consideration, what would be best thing to do, that we could feel all year long warmth and sun?

Wondering, how to avoid skiing, ski boots, simple because you are not skiing type – for all those questions I have chosen for you ideal places: islands, where they don’t feel winter.     Beside exotic islands, far distant islands, I have also found few more available islands, which are closer, intimate – islands, where you could avoid crowd of tourists.

1.    First one from ten most beautiful exotic islands is BALI

Bali is the most accessible tropic paradise. It has all that tropic paradise should have to be declared as one of most beautiful places.

It is colorful island with paddy fields, volcanoes, tropical humid forest, and sandy beaches with palm and with warm Indian Ocean.

You will live through Bali’s “flower power” in orchid garden, which are widely growing on volcanoes soil – growing so widely as nowhere else in the world.

Do visit these magic gardens with thousands of orchids and enjoy in blossom tropic fireworks.

Spending your days on a sandy beach, with some exotic fruit in your hand and under the straw-covered shade, you will have brilliant opportunity to forget about old cold continental, a faraway place, from which you came from.

While you there, do take a chance to visit local people, chat with them, go to the local market, and feel its energy.

Make the most of your visit and remember to come back someday.

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