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Top place to see castles in Europe – Loire Valley

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France – Simple and luxurious Loire Valley

Loire Valley has kept secrets of intrigue for four hundred years, since the aristocracy has built its castles on the banks of Loire valley.

These castles are among the pearls of French architecture. A former place of lavishes parties fascinate us with a magnificence architecture, the evidence of the Middle Ages and the Renaissance times, therefore, this is also an excellent destination for lovers of this period.

For others, a Loire Valley is the beauties wine growing regions on the world, where you will be able discover the charm and culture of the local wines.

The beauty of the Loire Valley, which was named after the greatest western wild river, long for thousands of miles which had through the century’s charmed number of sovereign, princes, queens, dukes and courtiers, who have transform the wealth of the nation and the family properties into an immense number of extravagant castles.

The first, who have moved its court to Loire Valley, was Charles VII. This was done in the first half of the fifteenth century.

Later on, a lot of his followers have joined him with their aristocratic and bourgeoisie escort.

What followed was a lively renewal of old mansions and luxurious setting of new dwellings, which still bear witness to the life of that time.

In addition to world-famous castles, the Loire Valley is also very known and rich with architectural value, which we could find in historical cities such as Amboise Angers, Blois, Chinon, Nantes, Orleans and Tours.

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