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Theta DNA healing

Written by Ales Maticic

Where did the THETA HEALING come from? Where are it begging?

The first descriptions of the theta way of   treatment came from many cultures from the Toltec to the Egyptian wisdom, its beginnings are also in the tradition of Jesus and other Ascended Masters.
Theta treatment was first revealed by Vianne Stibal by coincidence in year 1995.

Viana is a gifted healer who has miraculously cured her cancer. And that happened in a moment, very fast.
After that she soon began to help others with great success. But after some time, she found out   through practice, that healing on some people is not working.

That’s why she asked the Creator why this is happening and what does that mean. The answer she got was that this is due to beliefs which people are carrying with them.

Believes of these people were limited by their self-healing.
Shortly afterwards, she found that people are not healed from a variety of reasons, and Creator will never go through the free will of individuals, since this is the law of the universe.
Vianne got instructions, on how to go through the Creator of everything, change the belief, if people agree with it, and she got their verbal permission.

Using this simple method, and with the replacement of belief, a large with a large number of people was cured. Some are cured instantly.
Why is it called THETA HEALING

When the practitioner works with this system, she/he  enters the theta brain waves.

This is a state of consciousness in which a practitioner works with the Creator of everything and he orders the treatment.

Theta is known as a highly creative state of brain wave, which creates immediate connection to the Creator and a strong ability to work with the unconscious.

Therefore, we are able to connect with this energy and manifest immediate and dramatic changes that are sometimes miraculous healings.

Course of treatment
It is important that we have an open mind and spirit and those we allow ourselves to accept treatment given by the Creator.
In theta healing, the healer and client are in resonance. When both are in the theta state, a “sick” body start to produce its own healing frequencies.

The result of this healing is encouragement of numbers of centers in the brain (pituitary, gland).
The brain is part of body that responds immediately to any change and coordinates the homeostatic balance of the body.

Furthermore, also, genetically inherited diseases can be extremely reduced by cleaning the base of deep convictions that have transferred via DNA from our ancestors to us.

Theta brain waves can travel up to 75 000km away, which explains the effectiveness of treatment at a distance.
How does the THETA healing works?

Theta healing has been proved as a very effective method in a broad spectrum of diseases and chronic conditions in emotional problems and life changes.

Theta healing can be easily combined with other healing techniques, but, pay attention – is NOT a substitute for OFFICIAL medical treatment AND COMPLIANCE of your doctor’s instructions.
Theta treatment gives us a choice and power to change our limiting beliefs and to re-create aspects of our lives. It helps us to become a person which we decide to be.
This technique of treatment does not deal with the consequences of the problems, but the causes.

Example, low back pain may be due to stress or strong emotional effort, headache may be caused by excessive thinking or suppression of feelings…
THETA HEALING is extremely EFFECTIVE. We JUST NEED TO ACCEPT RESPONSIBILITY FOR OUR LIFE and be open to a concept and believe that there is a higher form of POWER.


  • treat the physical body
  • Replacement beliefs
  • creating feelings that  individuals are missing
    treatment of a broken heart and soul
  • return fragments of soul
  • cutting essential links
  • retrieval soul mate
  • connection with the guardian angel, higher self and spiritual guides
  • sending love child in the womb
  • removal of old resentment, rejection and regret
  • manifestation of the desire
  • energy separation
  • cleaning psychic attacks and protect against them
  • treatment of free-floating memories
  • treatment of entities – the trapped souls out of the aura, person or place
  • clean energy space

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