The truth about fat burners

fat burnersPeople are constantly looking for shortcuts and tools that would make them as easy as possible to achieve the objectives they have set for themselves. This is also the case with getting rid of excess body fat. Surely you have heard about fat burners, products that promise (quick) solution to your problem with the excess body fat. Some of you have positive experience with such products, while some others have came to the conclusion, that this makes only your wallet thinner.

What is the truth behind fat burners?

Use of fat burners is meaningful only in combination with a regulated diet and regular physical activity. If you are dreaming of a body without excessive fat, but at the same time you are not ready to lay off your favorite sweets and get up from your comfortable couch, your dream will not came true even with the most effective product. Do not expect miracles!

Some products that are marketed as fat burners actually have nothing in common with the combustion of body fat. One such substance is chitosan, which operates on the principle of tying fat which we intake with food and prevents it from being digested in the body. If you eat a balanced diet, which is the cornerstone of any effective diet, fat should be limited to so called healthy fats such as you do not want to exclude from the body. Therefore, the consumption of chitosan is in complete opposite with the logic of diet, which restricts the bad fats, but stresses the importance of healthy fats.

Active substances in fat burners

Fat burners, which can be found on the market, mostly contain L-carnitine or a combination of L-carnitine and other substances (caffeine, green tea,hydro citric acid). We believe that a lot of questions arise as reason due to the wide range of products. What are the differences between different products? What substances do they contain and how do they act? Which of the products is the most effective? Which is best for me? And finally, which is the safest to use?


L-carnitine is a natural substance that is found in meat and dairy products. For decades it is a very popular additive for safe help in the matter of losing excessive body fat. L-carnitine transport of fat from fat cells in the cell mitochondria, which are oxidized and the resulting energy. Many studies confirm its support for the burning of excess body fat, greater levels of energy during exercise improved muscle endurance and maintaining muscle mass. Furthermore, it reduces the feeling of hunger and weakness, which may occur in the lower calorific intake.
Hidroksicitronska acid (HCA) – less appetite, inhibition of absorption of carbohydrates
Hidroksicitronska acid (HCA) comes from the fruit of exotic fruit garcinia cambogia. It helps in the loss of excess body fat, improve endurance and strengthen the immune system. The study is supported by its incredible ability to prevent the conversion of carbohydrates into fat, as inhibiting the functioning of an enzyme called ATP-citrate lipase. HCA has also proved successful as an inhibitor of appetite.

Extract of green tea – burning body fat, antioxidant functioning

Extract of green tea has recently become a very popular addition, the number of beneficial effects of scientific studies repeatedly confirm. All of us is well known to its antioxidant action, in addition, green tea also significantly contribute to speeding up the metabolism (calorie usage) and burning fat. Studies have shown that it contributes to the 4% increase in energy consumption throughout the day (which averages to about 100 calories). It is also diuretic, therefore, it reduces water retention in the body.

Caffeine – more energy and stamina

Caffeine itself is not fat burner, but it is one of the most popular stimulant. Located in plants, such as the guarana, kola nuts, coffee and cocoa beans, tea, … Caffeine increases endurance and the long-term physical exercise and also helps in short, high intensity exercise. Reduces sensitivity to pain during exercise and helps to improve concentration and memory. The function of the  fat combustion is reflected in the promotion of the elimination of fatty acids from fat cells, so it is advisable to consume, even in combination with l-karnitine. Studies have shown that consumption of higher doses of caffeine (about 5 mg per 1 kg body weight) increases the basal metabolism, which means higher energy consumption in the rest.

Caution: pregnant women and individuals that do not use food and beverages with caffeine do not enjoy a regular basis, do not tolerate caffeine well, or can suffer from high blood pressure, are recommend avoiding products with caffeine.

And do not forget – fat burners only help you in achieving loss of excess body fat, but are not a miracle pill that will do all the work for you. The cornerstone of any successful fat loss in a body is a regulated diet and regular exercise.

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