The best medicine for the immune system

1734redcurrantRedcurrant  is the best medicine for the immune system

Each redcurrant berry is a vitamin C treasury – it contains about two grams. As animals produce it for themselves naturally, humans need to consume it with nourishment, in a natural, organically connected and accessible form. Vitamin C is extremely important to our organism, since it is active in all body cells as the best catalyst.

Redcurrant also contains pre-stage of vitamin A, which acts on the protective mucous membranes and stimulates the metabolism, which balances viability and health of the organism and also improves vision. Vitamins C and A are not the only one that are worthy of attention.

Also highly valuable as niacin (vitamin B3), which protects our nervous system, and vitamin B2, which is involved in cell breathing.

Among the mineral substances is quite important organically bound calcium, which calms us down and is present in our bones and teeth.

A redcurrant also contains iron, the most important substance in the blood formation, and potassium, which helps us to reduce water from our body and tissue. Although also contains magnesium, which strengthens our heart.

imagePurchase and prepare: More substantial is redcurrant, but blackcurrant is more aromatic. Both types are equally useful for use and intake; I used it a lot specially for fruit salads, fresh made juices and as a something extra to a dessert.

Currants with its wonderful aroma and the color make all desserts as something special, me myself love it a lot.

Currant shouldn’t be stored for a very long time, after purchased (or harvest), therefore is better recommended to eat it fresh, as that way sustain most of the vitamins and minerals.

Redcurrants – the joy of summer

Who does not know the delicious and very attractive looking red balls that you can simply eat them while picking or you could store, and make a wide variety of dishes from it.

A redcurrant is a plant that grows mostly in parts of Western Europe.

This is a highly branched bush, which grows from 1 meter to 1.5 meters high and produces delicious red fruits that are mutually useful.

It has a yellow-green flowers and dark green leaves that looks like maple. Their roots are superficial and quickly damaged if we mess with it a lot. Therefore, do not damage the roots, cultivate them gently.

Blossoms are extending to the small twig, which are attached to larger branches. They are growing fruits, which are forming a chain of red berries.

3650815490_d49255b610Each berry contains approximately from 3 to 12 seeds. Berries are very good attached to a stalk. Ideally is, that you live them on for about three weeks later, after they start showing red color. Trust me; currants are the best then, with a nice, lively red color, reddish. At the harvest, be careful, that berries are dry.

Gentle berries could be easily damaged, therefore be careful when picking them. Do pick the whole stalk with berries.

The very first currant was bred in Belgium and northern France in the 17th century.

It is cultivated quite a lot in modern times, although, you could also find it in the wildness, as it has spread from gardens to outland.

It is even spread to Asia. Currants grow best in humid summer heat, in regions where winters are colder.

Currant benefits from the morning sun and afternoon half-shadow, with good air circulation. They can be grown in the shade of trees or on the north side of buildings.

Currant is extremely sensitive to the sun.

A redcurrant is slightly sourer than its relative the blackcurrant, and is primarily grown for jams and cooked dishes. In Scandinavian countries it is used mainly for soups and summer fruit puddings, in Germany it is also used in combination with various fillings for pastries and cakes. It’s actually quite excellent in pies and sauces.

Furthermore it is also used for the preparation of wine.

Blackcurrants are a traditional source of the French liqueur Cassis.
The medical effects are more related to blackcurrants, but may be in German or in English doctrine where we could find records, which are proving that a redcurrant is good for reducing fever, sweating acceleration, beneficial influence on menstrual cramps, increasing appetite and for blood cleaning.

1023_3_380It acts as a diuretic and improves digestion. These effects are unlikely in view of the very high content of vitamin C, fruit acids and roughage in the redcurrant.

Tea from the dried redcurrants leaves help to assist in relieving the symptoms of rheumatism, used as a compress on the wound, which is healing badly and it’s also used as a gargling to tackle infections in the mouth.

Its power is already aware of the century

Reddcurrant  juice has been used in folk medicine, particularly in problems with the stomach and strengthen gums.

Fresh and sterilized juice of redcurrants is a refreshing drink to patients with fever.

Berries increases appetite, affect the size and secretion of mucus  and becouse of many un-digested seeds in them, they are regulates digestion, in a good way :-).

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