Syria – a bright star of the Middle East

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Tourism in Syria is expanding: in power for a modern government, emerge luxury hotels; cuisine and culture are developing at lightning speed.  

Syria, the ancient heart of the Middle East, was once the crude, isolated, politically extreme country. It was everything else than a tourist country.

But now, with enhanced government, a tourism is rising by almost 50 percent a year,  a luxurious new hotels are being widely opened, the magic lamp shine again, Syria is one of the most attractive destinations for 2011. 

Mostly Sunni Muslim population of Western immigrants (even Americans) gives a warm reception to all tourist people.

It’s a place, where tourists can shop in peace and view stuff without those intrusive harassment of sellers, which are famously known in Egypt.
In addition to all this, also the culture, cuisine and art in this former French colony have developed an unusual trend.

A capital city 4000 years old

Other Syrian attractions are dated with much older date; beginning with the 4000 years old capital city called Damascus, which was once a richest city in Arab world and in words of the Prophet Muhammad it was also called paradise on Earth.

National Museum offers a tour of the treasures from the ancient past – such as clay plate with the first known alphabet.
National Monument, Umayyad Mosque was firstly, in Romans times the temple of Jupiter.

Afterwards, later on, this mosque served as a Christian cathedral dedicated to Saint John the Baptist before it was turned into a Muslim house of worship, where they buried some of the greatest heroes of the Arab world.

At the end of the Silk Road

Prior to being on a narrow street in the old town came trendy cafes, restaurants, bars and galleries, has been identified in the Bible as the place where the Holy Paul restore vision Mon conversion on the road to Damascus.

Ciyt Suk El Hamidiye is bursting at the seams for its precious metals and perfumes, damask and silk, boutique hotels in renovated Byzantine castles and offer accommodation to visitors and from stories of Scheherazade.; and all this only in Damascus, due to a long weekend away from the European capitals.

For travelers and tourist people with more time there is also to visit the rest of Syria.

There are many interesting archaeological places such as Palmyra, Krak des Chevalier a stronghold of the Crusaders in the 11th century near the Lebanese border and a big trading city of Aleppo, the western end of Silk Road.

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