Speed up your metabolism with a few simple steps!

body shapeIf you know how to properly manage your metabolism, you will lose up to 600 extra calories a day. Follow a few simple tips and you’ll succeed. Check out how to get your metabolism into action.

You can start by changing some of your habits and get out of your daily routine. However, you should be aware that the success of losing weight depends on many other things for example genes, lifestyle, etc..

When you wake up …

You will get your metabolism get up and running, if you have a healthy morning meal. However, if the organism is starved early in the morning, your metabolism slows down, the body begins to use its resources. Later you will be so hungry, you’ll literally empty the fridge. It can be very encouraging that various studies have confirmed that those who do not enjoy the breakfast are more likely to be over weight than those who regularly enjoy their breakfast.

And what should we eat for the breakfast? It should contain large portions of wholemeal carbohydrates, and proteins. Check also for the ballast stuff. You can, for example, eat oat flakes and fruit, with yoghurt. You can add some bran. This is a great meal to speed up the metabolism. The organism will be grateful.

Caffeine for the speed

Caffeine also accelerates the metabolism. A survey that was published by the Psychology & Behavior shoved that those who drink a cup of real coffee, speeded up the metabolism by 16 percent compared to those who have consumed caffeine-free coffee. Caffeine stimulates the central nervous system and accelerates the heart rate and breathing. However, if you’re not a fan of coffee, or because of health reasons should not consume (coffee is not for each), you can replace it, for example, with the black, or green tea. Both speed up the metabolism.

Drink cold water

Scientists from the University of Utah have found out that drinking cold water accelerates the metabolism. The reason probably lies in the fact that the body spends a few extra calories, while the cold water is adjusted to the warmer body temperature. Also, regular consumption of sufficient quantities of water helps in regulating the digestion. Scientists have demonstrated that those who consumed at least ten glasses of water a day had a faster metabolism than those who drink half less of water.

In office …

Protein snack in moderate quantities is helping to strengthen your muscles. More muscle means faster burning of calories and fat even at rest.

green teaDrink a cup of green tea

Green tea contains a component, called ECGC, which accelerates the burning of calories. According to some studies, to two to four cups of green tea daily helps to spend 50 extra calories. On the other hand, experts warn that because of its medicinal properties green tea is necessary to enjoy only in small quantities, not more than once a day.

Drink a calcium drink

A glass of milk or yogurt with less fat will be the right choice. Research University of Copenhagen has shown that the calcium accelerates the metabolism to the extent that it “forces out” the excess fat from the organism. This effect has only natural calcium and not calcium supplements.

Be careful not to consume all three meals at the same time. Choose the one that you prefer.

Choose Organic Food

When buying food, try to buy as much organic food as possible. Note and be aware that white flour and sugar are very harmful to your body. Even fruit and vegetables, which are not naturally produced, are not any good for your health.

Chili PeppersEnjoy spicy food

Add to your lunch or a little Tabasco or chili and your metabolism will be faster with for about 23 percent. Such spices affect the nervous system and therefore promote digestion. However, beware! Maybe your body does not tolerate hot spices, so be careful. If you have health problems, please consult your doctor first.

Make sure to eat enough iron

Women specially should provide a sufficient intake of iron, because of the blood lose during menstruation. If you have too little iron in the blood, it means that your cells are not supplied, the muscles are not strong enough, and you do not have enough energy. Your metabolism is slowing down. Regular enjoy food, rich in iron (red beets, carrots, apples, onions, garlic, etc.).

When you get home …

SalmonMake sure to eat omega-3 fatty acids

Afford fish for dinner. For example, salmon, tuna or sardines. These are the right choice, especially if you have problems with weight. They speed up metabolism and give you a feeling of satiety.

And finally …

Make sure you sleep enough

Researchers from the Stanford University have found that people who have slept only seven hours a day for a longer period of time, are more likely, to gain weight. Sleeping is an important part of the normal functioning of metabolism. So you should afford at least eight hours of rest a day.

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