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Seven steps to a better life

Written by Ales Maticic

Already in the Sumerian myth about Gilgamesh, which is dated more than four thousand years back, the clay tiles says: “indispensable is a poignant death”.

Do we ever build a house that would last forever? Are we signing contracts forever?  What should we do with the property that we own, if we do not have a chance to live eternal life?
All these questions are as old as humanity itself. But today, when vulgar materialism and cult of physicality are dominating, these questions are even more painful.

Sumerian people have found the answer in following words: “you should never be hungry and you should have fun at night and day”. But people are showing, with their own lifestyle, that from that time until today, in the last five thousand years nothing has changed.

Still, greed nourishes all of evil, and there are still people, for whom the only purpose in life is to fill one’s belly and mating. Biologist would say that their reflexes are not different from those in the amoeba. Alanus Insulis ab writes: “The head rules belly from chest, from heart – where is the base for emotions.  

Clive S. Lewis adds that because of this central element, feeling of heart – the man is a Man. Fortunately, more and more people turn from quantity to quality of life. And you, to whom is more important “to be” than “to have” you will find in the following lines inspirational and useful.

The researchers have prepared seven tips / advices, which are paving our path along to a longer, better and more quality life.

1. Low-dose stressors

Many factors, which are mainly in large quantities threatening our lives, could also be useful in small doses. Well, in short wording, with these low-dose stressors I mean: periodic exposure to cold, heat, wind, rainfall and solar radiation, o be moderate in drinking and eating, exposure to bacteria and viruses (do not sterilize the living environment), “Creative Work” stress, which stimulates us to action, not excessive physical stress (recreation), but first of all, time to time fasting is good for us. 

Homeostatic mechanisms of the body are due to the continuing to stay in a good shape, and their healing effect on the organism is disproportionately high. It is important, that we set our selves just the right dose of stressors, as there isn’t a dose that would suite all people best. Its different dose for each human being as each one is his / her own individual. So, do keep to the modest burden, which will suit best to your body and soul.

2. Good relations with people

Grow your friendships and good relationship with people under the principle:  rather to have few friends than to have many acquaintances.

Solid social bonds are more important than a slight yarn of numerous acquaintances. Similar as being in a wrong marriage or unhappy relationship could be equally fatal to health than painful loneliness. 

Anyways, loneliness is not solitude, nor we can compare it to being alone.  We all need solitude occasionally. And being alone is a life posture of the few living individuals.

3. Good living environment

Until recently, hypothesis of genetic determinism seems to be very and most important. Genetic determinism means that genes define the fate of man. Later on, this hypothesis was rejected and today is considered to be extremely important to the quality of our environment.

Under the concept of “environment” I do not mean solely wider natural environment, but also each individual’s personal environment through which realizes his mission in life: work carrier, social network, neighbors, cultural and spiritual environment, living and eating habits, etc… The most important from all is our personal well-being.

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