People with blood type AB–Enigma

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Group type AB is also known as “Enigma”

relaxGroup with blood type AB is the rarest and the newest among all blood types.  It has developed from mixing with blood type A (from Caucasus group) and blood type B (Mongolian group) and is currently present only in 5 % of all populations.

About 10 to 12 centuries ago, this blood type didn’t even exist.

So; your blood type combines the characteristics of group A and B, which therefore means, that what is harmful for bloody type A and B, is also harmful for bloody type AB (but there are some exceptions).

yoga-meditation-thumb2988732This is not very encouraging ?

But don’t worry, is not as bad as it looks, or seems at first impression. However, as group AB have fallow the tolerance of both blood types A and B, they have developed a strong immune system, which is specialized to fight against infectious diseases.

Furthermore, since they don’t have antibodies from anti-A and anti-B, they are less prone to allergies and diseases that are related to the immune system.

However, group AB is not having only advantages; in fact, your immune system could be in trouble, when he needs to recognize such hazardous substances, which are similar to those with blood type A or blood type B but this substance could be harmful for your body.

As this substance could trick system to develop antibodies, this could be quite harmful for your body, as there will be no protection.

This has the tendency to cancer diseases, but it doesn’t mean that you will certainly suffer this disease.

You could be inclined to the fallowing problems:

  • cancer diseases
  • tendency to bronchitis and pneumonia
  • tendency to develop fungal disease
  • tendency to parasites.


  • contemporary merging groups A and B
  • chameleon react to a change of circumstances and nutrition
  • a sensitive digestive tract  overly tolerant immune system
  • response to stress is physical activity and creativity.

seafood cocktailFood which will help you gain weight

  • red meat (difficult digestion, stored as fat, poisoned digestive tract)
  • beans – especially Lima beans (blocking effect of insulin, causing hipogli-chemise,  rise in blood sugar, lowers metabolism)
  • seeds (too much sugar rise)
  • corn (blocking the action of insulin)
  • buckwheat (sugar increase)
  • wheat (slows down the metabolism, causing inefficient use of calories, block the action of insulin).

Food, which will help you lose weight

  • Tofu (stimulate efficiency of metabolism)
  • Seafood (stimulate efficiency of metabolism)
  • Dairy products (improving effectiveness of insulin)
  • Green vegetables (stimulate efficiency of metabolism)
  • Seaweed (to improve the production of insulin)
  • Pineapple (helps eases digestion).

Reaction to stress – group with blood type AB reacts on first stage of stress with intellect – this is shown as an increased adrenaline, excitement, irritability, hyperactivity.

This consequently weakens your immune system and reduces resistance to infection and bacteria. You could reduce this influence with relaxing methods; put your mind at rest and practicing yoga.

So these are activities which will relax your body and soul. Do not try out competitive sports, as they will only make you exhausted and will cause tension.

taichiRecommended sports:

  • Taj-ci (3-5x a week, 30 to 45 min)
  • Hata Yoga (3-5x a week, 30 min)
  • Aikido (60 min, 2-3x per week)
  • Golf (60 min, 2-3x per week)
  • Cycling (60 min, 2-3x per week)
  • Fast walking (20-40 minutes 2-3x per week)
  • Swimming (30 min 3-4x a week)
  • Dance (30 -45 min, 2-3x per week)
  • Aerobics (30-45 min, 2-3x per week)
  • Walk (45 minutes 2-3x per week)
  • Stretching (15 min, at each practice).


Due to the low stomach acidity, group with blood type AB badly digest meat. But as this is a valuable element, I would suggest (as I have read already about it) to do the fallowing trick; do not eat often meat, is so, enjoy it rarely in small meals (red meat 1-3x a week, poultry 0-2x a week).

It is also very important to choose suitable kinds of meat, which are easier to digest. Chicken meat is better to be avoided, as is harmful the same way as for the blood type B. Furthermore, group AB should be avoiding preserved meat, since it increases the possibility of cancer of the stomach.

Useful: lamb, mutton, rabbit, turkey.
Neutral: liver, pheasant.
Harmful: beef, pork, venison, chicken and other poultry.

Fish are good source of protein for blood group AB (excluding certain types of fish from the harmful lectins). Characteristic, “inherited” from blood group A has a tendency to breast cancer, especially if the family has already had it.

In this case, it is important to add to your menu snails, which are containing lectin, which will attack degenerated cells, from which mainly breast cancer is developed.

Useful: tuna, bakal, sturgeon, caviar, salmon, mussels, swordfish, sea trout, sea language sea devil, hake, white fish, sardines, mackerel, pike, rainbow trout, seabass, snail.
Neutral: carp, sea salmon, river perch, pilgrimage scallop, herring.
Harmful: sea bass, octopus, eel, smoked salmon, plaice, halibut, oysters, crabs, sardines, cuttlefish, herring, haddock, frogs, turtle.

Milk, dairy products and eggs
Here is group AB very similar to group B  – dairy product are very useful for this group, specially yogurt, kefir and other fermented milk products with low fat.

However, be careful of a possible over-production of mucus (respiratory problems, inflammation of sinuses, sore ears).

In this case, reduce the consumption of dairy products. Eggs are a good source of protein for the group AB. But as yolk contains a lot of cholesterol, I would advise the use of two whites in one egg yolk.

Bulgarian_Sheep_FetaUseful: skimmed goat milk, goat cheese, feta, kefir, mozzarella, salted cow cheese, yogurt, farmer cheese, soy pasta, fresh non-fat cheese, Fiocchi di latte, curd.
Neutral: skimmed milk, whey, soy milk, soy cheese (tofu), Cheddar, Edam, emental, Gouda, Colby, jarlsburg, Munster, whey.
Harmful: butter, whole milk, sorbet, buffalo cheese, Parmesan cheese, camembert, ice cream, Brie, a cheese with noble mold, processed cheese.

Oils and fats
Group AB have to use vegetables oil, especially olive oil is good, as it protects the health of the heart and arteries.

Useful: olive oil.
Neutral: peanut oil, fish oil, linseed oil, rapeseed oil.
Harmful: corn oil, cotton oil, safflower oil, sunflower oil, sesame oil.

240229637_18c63295d0Stone fruit and seeds
Group AB should be cautious in intake of stone fruit and seeds because of the contradictions in groups A and B.

They contain good proteins but you should enjoy them carefully, since they contain lectins, which impede the functioning of insulin, the same as in group B.

Some of these are important advantages for blood type AB, but if you have any problems with the bile, rather enjoy the fruits instead of whole.


: chestnuts, peanuts, peanut butter, nuts.
Neutral: almond and almond butter, Brazil nuts, cashew nuts, hikori nuts, leeches, macadamia nuts, pine nuts, pistachio.
Harmful: hazelnuts, poppy seeds, Pumpkin seeds, Sesame seeds, and butter, sunflower seeds and butter.

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