Nightlife in German Cities – Stuttgart, Frankfurt and Nürnberg

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If you travel in Europe you can’t afford to miss Germany. Germany has many beautiful cities such as Berlin, Stuttgart, Frankfurt or Nürnberg. As it is with all big cities this cities offer a broad variety of night life options.

Stuttgart Nightlife

A good place to go where everyone speaks English is Biddy Earlys, an Irish pub just west of the city centre/Königstraße, a five minutes walk from the major public transport station “Stadtmitte” (S-Bahn, Stadtbahn). Do a google search for directions and keep a sharp eye because the entry is a mere doorway wide which leads down the stairs to the basement. Good bands on the weekends. Two or three euro cover, four euros on weekends (plus a bag charge if you have a backpack). Everybody always welcome, and you don’t have to apologize for your poor German here! They show Premier League Championship and other British football here, you can celebrate or commiserate with only a handful of other drinkers.

The most popular street for clubbing is the Theodor-Heuss-Straße. Over the past years several bars, clubs and lounges have opened here. It has become the most popular place for people to go out on the weekend. During the summer, there are also many opportunities to have a drink outside.

If you want to go to a place where you can meet locals, you can visit the Bonnie and Clyde. It`s near the Stadtbahn station Stöckach. The owners speak English well, so do most of the guests. Many students, so music is from rock to punk. No cover charge.

Another great bar is the Classic Rock Cafe, which is a few blocks away from Biddy Early’s. Do a Google on it and you can find directions. No cover charge here even on weekends and the music is great! Interesting decor too, and everyone is welcome!

If you’re into Indie music, you might want to check out the Zwölfzehn bar/discotheque in the Paulinenstraße, about 10 minutes west from “Stadtmitte”. It is close to the next S-Bahn stop, “Feuersee”. In that area, around Rotebühlstraße, you’ll find some nice theatres and bars.

Go to “Hans-im-Glück-Brunnen” (between 3rd and 4th street southern from the western Königsstr.: Stadtbahn-station “Rotebühlplatz/Stadtmitte” or “Rathaus”): Many bars and Mainstream to Alternative Music. Mixed and broad-minded people (in contrast to some places at Theodor-Heuss-Str). Party especially on friday and saturday.

Two great Jazzclubs are located in the Hauptstätterstr (Stadtbahn-station “Rathaus”). The “Kiste” (means “box”: indeed a tiny club) charges 5 EUR (added to the drink) for a concert daily, starting at 9 or 10pm. The “Bix,” named after Bix Beiderbecke, offers local to top-class acts: entry from about 7 to 30 EUR, depending on the artist.

Another interesting fact about Germany is that prostitution is legal and there are many brothels located in the city. A conglomerate of brothels and hotels letting rooms by the hour are located in the “Bohnenviertel” (Bean Quarter) between Hauptstätter Str. and Olgastr. (Stadtbahn-station “Rathaus”). The girls charge at least 30 Euros for 20 min, depending on the service.

On the outskirts of Stuttgart, in Möhringen, there is a hotel/conference/entertainment complex called the SI Centrum. A lot of foreigners stay here. This complex includes a theater for Broadway shows, the Millennium hotel, and a spacious underground complex that houses many conference rooms, bars and restaurants. It’s a very nice place to stay and although it’s one of the best hotels in Stuttgart, it’s not that expensive. Plus there’s a Stadtbahn stop right behind the hotel so you can explore easily.

Frankfurt Nightlife

Frankfurt is a young city where socialising and parties are always high on the agenda. Sachsenhausen, Bockenheim, Bornheim, Nordend and the city centre are the main areas of action. The city center includes the rather seedy red light district -which is heavily patrolled by police and local council officials – near the main station. Strip clubs like the Golden Gate Frankfurt are popular for e.g. bachelor/bachelorette parties at the weekend and similar joints are in walking distance. Check pricing upfront to avoid problems with bouncers afterwards.

Due to the banks and business travellers the nightlife in Frankfurt is split into upmarket parties or alternative student parties. Generally clothing must be a bit more upmarket than the German average — sneakers may not be acceptable in some venues.

While high-profile clubs are usually open until morning hours, bars close at around 23:00-01:00 and small clubs at 03:00-04:00 during Saturday nights. Best bet for binging all-nighters is Alt-Sachsenhausen as a lot of bars there will stay open until sunrise.

Clubs in Frankfurt

There are many clubs in Frankfurt that cater to business people and organise corporate events. The German favour for electronic music results in a wide variation of clubs that offer this music. Alternative music is a niche market that cater the roots of the migrants in Frankfurt.

King Kamehameha Club, Hanauer Landstr. 198 (Ostend), ☎ +49 69/480037 0. Th-Sat. One of the most famous clubs (especially for after work bankers) in Frankfurt. You need to dress to impress! edit
Velvet Club, Weißfrauenstr. 12 -16 (Willy-Brandt-Platz), ☎ +49 (0)69 2578095-10. Club in central Frankfurt with very nice interior design. Great place for house and electronic music lovers. edit
Jazzkeller, Kleinen Bockenheimer Straße Nr. 18a (Hauptwache), ☎ +49 (0)69 288537. Since 1952 the Jazz meeting point. Outstanding Jazz music for everyone with special concerts once in a while. edit
Odeon Club, Seilerstraße 34 (Konstablerwache), ☎ +49 69/285055. Theme parties (e.g. Monday Black music and Thursday Fraternity parties) and crowd depends on weekday. Saturday night is best and well-known pick-up joint for older pupils and students. edit
Monza Club, Berliner Straße 74 (Willy-Brandt-Platz), ☎ +49 69/90029440. For more than ten years techhouse, Minimal & Elektro club for the friends of electronic music. Door policy is rather relaxed edit
Clubkeller – small place on Textorstrasse that has a good mix of indie music and a nice atmosphere.
PULSE Club – popular gay club in Frankfurt with two dance floors.
Batschkapp – THE place for rock and alternative music. One of the oldest clubs in town.
Nachtleben – nice Bar/café close to “Konstablerwache” with a small concert hall in the cellar (mostly rock, punk, metal).

Where to get a drink in Nuremberg

Beer: many great beers are made in Franconia (the area around Nuremberg has the largest concentration of breweries world wide) and even in the Nuremberg itself. About 300 Breweries still working.

Barfüßer, Hallplatz 2 (In the basement of the historic grainery on Königstraße), ☎ 20 42 42. A large, lively German-style beer hall, where you can have a keg delivered to your table and pour your own drinks as you go. Hearty Franconian food is on the menu and they brew their own blond beer. € 7-12 per entree.
Indabahn (Blauer Adler), (West end of the Main Train Station (Hauptbahnhof)). A good, albeit relatively expensive, cocktail bar and on weekend it is also a club.
Cubano, Innere Laufer Gasse (northeast of the town hall). Another good cocktail bar
Landbierparadies (Country Beer Paradise). Guesthouses and beer-shops operated by Landbierparadise in town, you find a collection of local beers and local food.
Zwinger Bar, Lorenzerstrasse 33. 8 pm-3 am. Famous Pub/Club in Nuremberg – Young clientele most of them Students, Artists and other Creatives. Daily changing Djing Events.

Wine: The Franconian wine is said to be a “man’s wine”. Analogous to “man’s chocolate” this points to a rather dry taste. Furthermore the rather harsh climate and the soil structure definitely contribute to this fact. An extravagance of the Franconian wines is their bottle. In Germany the Bocksbeutel bottle shape is generally reserved for higher-quality wines from Franconia.

Mach 1, Kaiserstraße 1 (Next to the entrance of the parking garage (Adler Parkhaus)). Nice club with good flair, they are usually playing House music

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