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Written by Ales Maticic

As ground vibration is changing, consequently this is also changing the level of consciousness, and also our way of thinking and communication.

In front, as most important things are coming intuitions, sensitivity, inner feelings and awareness that we have access to other levels, which until now were obscured.

The more and more important are also internal feelings, dreams, symbols, synchronous events which we usually perceive them as a “coincidence”. All things, that we weren’t aware of them before, are becoming more and more our awareness. All these feelings, that we were not aware of before, are becoming more and more our every day thing.

Our way of perception is changing, and as a consequence of this is also changing the frequency, a variety of techniques, therapeutic approaches, treatments and therapies that simply does not work anymore in the way that worked a few years ago.
Many people, including therapists, are confused, because techniques we already know or have used them before, just do not bring us the same impact and results than we achieved with them not so long time ago.
Now, these techniques need to be upgraded with new knowledge and techniques, which we need to elevate it with new approaches, which suits present vibration.
Wherever the treatment is needed, it is very important, that this treatment is performing at all levels, not just the physical level, which is usually the level of consequences.

Levels of the cause are usually located at the level of our soul, to which we can come through various techniques such as astrology, meditation, tarot, spiritually cleaning room, with use of crystals and sound – frequency – as treatment with the vibration.
These are just different techniques, using archetypes and symbolism to operate and speak in the language of our soul, which open the door to our subconscious. Through them we could gain and recognize the real causes of our imbalances, and start gently to dissolve it.

Now it is important that you are “here and now”, that you are “grounded”, which means that you will stop occupy yourself with how things were and going to be – instead of doing that, you start changing things that you have right now, and start changing them, as you want them to be. Sounds too complicated, doesn’t it?

Just take step by step, day by day,…

Very important is breathing, because breathing is the crucial link between levels of consciousness

And the more down earth you will be “here and now” more access to higher dimensions and wisdom you have.

Putting your own borders is a major challenge in this time, among other things this also means, that you are always in balance (giving and receiving).
Meditation is a way of relaxing and helps us to connect us with our inner self.
Nowadays is important use and compliance with internal sensations (to listen our inner sense – your self-seeing, self-feeling,) were also your intuition belongs.

All these are fundamental principles and approaches which successfully upgrade and integrate traditional therapies and treatment approaches, when we include them in any kind of therapeutic technique.

These are simple techniques with which we can improve our quality of life and enrich our daily life.

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