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Morning exercise. Are you ready for action?

Written by Ales Maticic

Many  people asks why is the best to do morning exercises and why work out early in the morning. Known fact is, that after a good night sleep and in early morning awakening our body empties energetic reserves, as the last meal that we eaten was few hours ago.

Instead that we spoil ourselves in the morning with laying down, and not doing anything and we complain that we only have enough time to make ourselves ready for work – we should instead of all that give ourselves a chance to wake 15 minutes early. 

And in this 15 minutes, we could do a lot for our body and our soul. And we will fill our body with a lot of extra energy, which we could use it during the day.  And we all know that we need that extra energy.  Morning exercises will give us exactly that.  But, moreover, this of course does not mean that we cannot afford any slow wakening in the morning or dreaming and bounce on the bed.


Morning exercise helps us in at least two areas.  If for example you fight against too many kilograms, and are overweighed, morning exercise is ideal time for you to do your exercises.

This is due to fact, that in the morning your glucose level is very low.  The body, when there is adequate physical activity, needs energy and because it has too little glucose, it takes needed energy from our fat.

Certain people also do not have a big appetite in the morning or don’t have it at all; in this case, a good morning exercise will help them to awake their body and digestion. 

It has been proofed many times already, that morning exercise has a beneficial effect on awakening metabolism, and good effect also on smooth operation of cardio vascular system.

And this help us, that we could step into a new day easily, full of ideas and concepts.

Exactly morning exercise is the one that rush up blood in our veins and provide us with sufficient oxygen, which is one of the most important sources of life of each individual.

After several days of morning activity you will be immensely grateful to your body which will therefore make you feel good, if not even superior!

What is the appropriate morning workout?

Morning workouts are intended for all who want to actively awaken your metabolism and speed up its operation for the next thirty-two hours.

If, despite the reorganization of your morning schedule you still feel that you are pressed for time, you can start reading the morning daily newspaper while you do exercise on indoor bike or when you are running on Orbitrek. 

You can also do Tibetan exercises in the morning – these exercises will, as its already proven, make you look younger.

Or you can walk your dog instead, and you can smoothly jog along.

The most beautiful part of the morning exercise is certainly a feeling, which will accompany you during the whole day.

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