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Madagascar, the third most beautiful exotic island

Written by Kizie

Madagascar is an island, also known as one of  Top ten most beautiful exotic islands.

If you are proud parent, then you already know something about Madagascar from the same called film Madagascar. Madagascar’s forests are full of animals, especially monkeys- lemur, which are frisking around pillar of baobab, aloe, and the octopus tree.

Forests are unfortunately constantly exposed to destruction, but they are still so lush and beautiful, that you would be nicely surprised.

But, Madagascar other, different face is called “Tana” –with this I mean capital of Madagascar called Antananarivo, which I the same as other world capital. Antananarivo is known as noisy a filthy city, but still a place where you still have something to see.

A district, southwest of Analakely is ideal for night life and gourmet delights, and the old town and the remains of Rova, known as the former royal palace.

Nosy Be is the hotel complex known also as one of the jewels in Madagascar. Nosy Be is one of the best resort complex, the most elite, most luxurious, a perfect place for “resorts” fans. Ifaty is a quiet coastal area, where you can take time off, and relax in the villages Mangilly and Mandio Rano.

This tropical environment is perfect and very good for meditation and relaxation. The best time to visit Madagascar would be between November and March, where there is a good, dry and hot summer.

Madagascar, known as of the best Top ten most beautiful exotic island is unique place to  visit, and nit jut for all vegetations and animals, that you can see here and nowhere else in the world, but also because of the native people and their culture.

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