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sports_girl_healthy_foodWeight loss and diet by blood groups or a diet that is not a diet. Why is the food at the blood groups as efficient when it comes to weight loss? Eating after you blood group wasn’t originally discovered as another “loosing weight diet”. The majority of people, who consume food according to blood type, is doing it because of the many advantages it offers  them. Its good for their health and also for well being. Moreover, many of these people indicates a weight loss as a good side effect for eating after a blood type. The question is: If there isn’t a diet in question, why is the diet by blood group proved so successful in achieving an optimal weight? Food after the blood group – basic idea  / true weight loss goes deeper.

During the period of o ten years, several researchers have discovered more than a thousand species of completely normal food, which contains important proteins, called lectins.  What is all about? When the lectins in food come into contact with human blood group they are activated and begin to cause reactions in the body. For example, when the man ingested a concentrated milk product, for example, ice cream, may  people with blood group O and A notice some digestive problems.

This reaction may be something other than the simple over-sensitivity to food. On the walls of the stomach and digestive tract are sensitive receptors, which detect the protein in milk lectins and react to them. In early stage you could feel reaction to lectins  like a slight headache.

After eating food that is not appropriate for certain blood group, you could feel tired or without energy. However, these reactions lead to the increasing digestive problems, bad health problems and overall low level of energy and weight gain.  The good news is that when we remove that kind of food from the menu and replace it with food, which is more suitable for our blood group, eventually we obtain a more slender, less rounded and more energetic body.

healthy_foodWhy industrially prepared diet products make us grow fatter?

75 % of the people cant stand most of the diet products. Most of the product for weight loss are mainly aimed for decreasing of calories but don’t fully take into account your specific physiological needs. Did you notice, that a lot of people that have loose weight, have gain it back  – sometimes even more as before?

Or, that a lot of people have loose weight in parts around face and neck, but they didn’t loose any weight below the waist? Incorrect and unhealthy weight loss is leading to unhealthy weight proportion in the body.

Proper weight loss and permanent preservation of health and optimal body weight is a good indicator of how your body responds to food and drink, you eat. Your blood type is the most important factor (but not the only one), which indicates if certain  food you eat cause any  inflammation, digestive problems or weight gain.
Here are some examples:
1.For blood group O or A blood group the protein in wheat and corn and its by-products are the main reason for the over-weight.

It is quite amazing, that most popular “low caloric” dietetic tiles and drinks containing wheat and corn, which in blood groups O and A  causing fallowing:
– inflammation of mucous membranes in the digestive tract, and interference in the digested, reflected as inflation;
– Slowing down the metabolism, leading to inefficient utilization of calories;
– Cause disruption in the production of insulin;
– Disrupting  balance of hormone and thereby causing water retention in the body, disturbance in the functioning of thyroid gland and other problems.

The solution is simple: eliminate the key food for your blood group, that is causing weight gain and stress your immune system from your diet. You will not only loss weight this way, but also feel more energy and have better concentration.

Take three little steps to success!
1.First step – Make your own personal nutrition profile
It is true that the blood group is one of the main factors that determine how your body responds to food and drink you eat and the environment in which you live. However, there are also other factors that may significantly affect the balance of your body – in a positive and negative way.

This should be necessarily taken into account if we want our organism to operate optimally.

It is very important current state of your organism  or damage that have been done, as a result of a diet or a way of life in the past, and also the genes that you have inherited.

Full nutritional profile, which can be done from highly qualified consultants (it should be done only once in lifetime)  takes into account all these relevant factors and give us list of food and optional diet recommendation how to exercise and which supplements use. Fallowing these recommendations will bring us wellness to our life.

Next… step two and three.
Soon there will be also article about characteristics for all four blood types.

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