Liquidate a bad company and build a new one

Company-DownWhat do you think that it is cheaper – to buy an old house – and to restore it, or to tear it down to foundations and build a new one? Believe me, that last one. And the same applies to the companies.

In the world there are still many old companies and many of those still to this day remain unchanged in their structure. In such companies there are usually located unions, who have their own interests that do not work for the company and the workers in the long term.

Owners or managers of such companies usually have considerable difficulties. Each fired worker is avenged with bad reputation caused by the media, inspection services, or even criminal investigation. This has an impact on the company’s reputation in the media and the region where it operates, which also makes them uninteresting from  the point of view of finding new staff – because of the bad reputation caused by the media job seekers avoid the company out of fear.

Such organizations are not healthy, and in need of radical change.

From own experience I know that investing in a change in organizational culture is hard work, and it will spend more money than the benefits gained – the result will not be substantially changed.

on-strike-signI suggest that such an organization if possible, is teared down to foundations liquidate it, and build a new one. Bad news in the media will be happening only in a given period of time, but because of the current state of recession, you may be blamed for the causes of the current state of the market and the lack of orders.

When the organization fails or is liquidated, you should build a new one by the clever way on the basis of the knowledge that you gained from the errors in the work: be careful in the choice of personnel, an expert should prepare contracts, working processes should have smart goals, outsource salesmen, and do not waste time on rewarding – this must wait until your company is mature for that.

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