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Liposuction surgery

liposuction surgery
Written by Ales Maticic

liposuction surgeryLiposuction with laic wording means removing  fat from the body with suction, mainly from the fallowing body parts: chin, abdomen, hips, thighs, knees, shank, etc.

This is not a method, which replaces the weight loss and diets, as with liposuction it could be removed more than 2000 ml of fat from those parts of the body where the weight loss and physical activity can not reduce or the fat.

This way or body is shaped. So this is the body creation and not reduction of body weight, nor a mending of appearance of skin surface.

On the contrary, sometimes after the operation skin can be more flexible.
This depends also from amount of disposed fat in certain area; it also depends on skin elasticity and from patient age.

Sometimes it is quite explicit in the inner and outer side of thighs, if a patient insists that doctor absorbs all fat, despite to doctor reminders.

Therefore we could also find on internet some unsatisfied patients, who are complaining or even worse, suing doctors for their job, even tough, they have demand it.

With liposuction doctors needs to leave for about one to two cm of subcutaneous fat, depending on body regions and anatomical circumstances of the body.

In the event that the patient also wants to thin this layer, patients must be aware, that there’s a possibility of uneven skin surface.

Abdominal liposuction surgeryFor Abdominal liposuction surgery, the patient is aware of the possible option of redundant skin, which will remain after liposuction.

There is always a possibility (if there’s a lot of fat to be removed), that doctors will suggest you, to simultaneously cut also surplus skin.

If patient decided not to do it, then is better to wait another six month from the operation, just to see how the skin is reduced and fixed on the bottom of abdominal wall.

In these cases it is possible to subsequently cut the skin if the patient is not satisfied with the outcome.

The scars are usually shorter than one cm and usually mature in one year time, meaning, that the visible colors from operation become less visible, or even spotless.

Time healing for scar tissue depends on the patient’s type of healing, but it happens rarely, that the scars are visible for a longer period of time; especially in the legs, knees, ankles and calves.

The look of the final scar will depend on the patient’s reactions to the body wound healing.

Working capacity of a patient after surgery depends on the job and the quantity of surface and liposuction that was done, usually to a few days to one week and patient could go back to work.

From all other possible complications, which may rise with liposuction, most commonly is bleeding during surgery (surgeon have no effect on that).

If this happened, surgeon needs to stop the operation immediately, even though we haven’t achieve final result with it; the result that we want it.

All patients are informed about this possibility. What will be the stage/level of bleeding is quite hard and impossible to say in advance, despite all the clinical and laboratory information which are done before operation.

Therefore, is impossible to predict 100 % in advance anything. In standard liposuction contains also from 10 to 20 percentage of blood. This consequently means, that with one liposuction we could remove max 2500 ml of fat, also depending on the patient Hb content and body weight.

Operative wound infection are also possible theoretically, although they are not observed so often.

After having liposuction surgery, a result can be permanent, if patient precisely follows these conditions:

  • liposuction surgery body areapatient doesn’t gain more than 5 kg,
  • doesn’t take any hormonal preparations, drugs (as contraceptive pills),
  • if there is no hormonal changes( (such as thyroid disease, gynecological problems which could lead to change of hormonal status),
  • pregnancy, childbirth, breast feeding (these conditions change hormonal status).

After liposuction surgery the swelling is still present.

The swelling after liposuction surgery is the worst one week after and finally disappear not earlier than in the fallowing three months.

The biggest swelling may be in the legs (knees, shank), therefore the result of liposuction surgery is visible after this period. In rare cases the swelling in the abdomen could be sometimes expressive, so the volume of the abdomen could be bigger than before the liposuction surgery.

Due to swelling patients are advised to wear special compression garments for a week (through all day).

Afterwards patients are advised to wear it also for next 4-5 weeks, but only during the day.

For the same reason they sometime recommend also lymphatic drainage after liposuction surgery.

This could be done immediately after surged areas don’t hurt anymore and pressures massage wouldn’t hurt either.

Fourteen days before the liposuction surgery you are not allowed to take medicine, which would affect blood clotting nor you are allowed to take hormonal contraceptives (before the surgery).

Surgery is not performed during menses.

But do not forget, that every patient is responsible for the true information that he/she gave about her/his medical condition, which doctor cannot verified with laboratory testing and clinical examination.

Liposuction surgery BeautySuperficial liposuction near the surface of the skin

For this procedure they use a very small probe (2 mm thick), which they treated just under the skin with muscle fat, the one that are responsible for cellulite.

This is the latest method of surgical treatment (liposuction surgery) of cellulite.

If a patient wishes, surgeon could make the correction of cellulite after liposuction surgery.

Many small scars are reduced later and they tighten up skin, which is known as a lifting. This is especially explicit on the buttocks, on abdomen and breasts.

The result is one again depending on patient organism, therefore no-one could give you guarantee for the outcome.

Hydro liposuction

Hydro liposuction means, that in area where surgeon will suck out the fat, there will also be injected special liquid which will help to dissolve fat cells.

At the same time, there is also done anaesthetize, which mean that a small dose of narcosis will be allowed.

This enables the patient to go to home after few hours after the operation.

Painkillers are effective also 10 hours after the patient is already at home, resting in bed.

Pain occurs on the fallowing day and only in the movement. So when patient is resting there is no pain so a lot of patient doesn’t need painkillers (analgesics) after liposuction surgery.

It is not advisable to take Aspirin, as it causes bleeding. But it is allowed to take some other medicine such as: Lekadol, Ketonal, Movalis, Brufen, Nalgesin etc.

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