Leaders are encouraging the "brain off" state

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Written by Ales Maticic

Employees often expect replies as “on a platter” from their leaders. They come in before even considering the issue (which is actually a challenge) and expect an answer to the question: “What (or how) do I do?”. How likely our leaders rely to an answer in terms of “Here (as) … done!

What can our staff learn from our behavior? In time they will learn that they can flood us with their questions and problems (because we are paid for it!), They do not even think anymore before coming to us for a solution, and that is actually normal to have “brain off” and not to seek for a solution. However, are we leaders in the companies not responsible for facilitating the development of co-workers? The “brain off” in the development does not allow you?

What if we would answer that question with another question: “What do you think (Be careful: you include the word concept to think!) That is to be done?” Or “What / how would you do?”. If the colleague does not know the answer to this question, just send them out to come up with its own solution, than you can help him and find the best solution together. Brains of our employees can of course also “be turned on” and we can show them of what they are actually capable of. What a valuable experience!

And when you are already making a conversation with your employee you can also discus to what point he can make its own decisions.

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