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Krk island and Baška

Krk Baška
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Krk is a Croatian island and is also the seccond largest island in the Adriatic Sea, 405 km2 (38 km length, width to 20 km). 16,402 residents live in 68 of the villages on the island. It has been inhabited since before 10th century BC. The Romans called it Curicta and it was the scene of sea combat between the fleets of Caesar and Pompeius during the Roman Civil War. Krk has historically been a center of Croatian culture. It is also known as the “golden island”, as the island of Krk has been called since ancient times.krk baška 1

Unlike most other islands it is fairly forested (almost a third of the island). The northwestern part is lower, more fertile, and relatively densely populated. Southeastern part of the island is higher and mostly bare. The highest peak of the Island Obzova also lies here, reaching 569 m in hight. Northeast coast is steep, a little broken and exposed to strong wind.
How to get to Krk?krk baska 3

You can reach Krk by land, sea and by air because there is also an airport (Rijeka airport) which can handle large and small planes. The island doesn’t have a railway. The nearest railway station is in Rijeka, only 30 km from Krk. There are daily trains to and from Italy, Austria, Germany and Hungary. Rijeka also has daily coach lines which connects all European points such as Munich, Zurich, Trieste, etc. If you like boat rides you can also reach Rijeka by ferry and one of the safe harbours of the island in your own boat. You can leave your boat during the winter in Marina Punat or in other marinas offering dry storage. For the sake of orientation, here are some rough distances for those who prefer coming by car:
München:600 km, Wien:500 km, Budapest:600 km, Praha:800 km, Bratislava:600 km, Trieste: 100 km, Milano:550 km, Ljubljana:150 km, Zagreb:200 km


Baška is one of the most attractive destinations on the Croatian Adriatic coast, mostly because of its 2km-long natural pebbly beach which has been proclaimed one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Baška is situated at the far south-east end of the island of Krk, which is Croatia’s biggest island and also its closest one to the mainland, 43 km from the Krk Bridge. Being only a few hours distant from major European cities makes it an interesting destination not only for summer vacations, but also for weekend breaks and other holidays throughout the year.krk_baska_4

Baška is like a masterpiece water-colour painting, anchored in a bay against a green background, spilling its white rocks along the shore, the colours merging with Baška’s bright facades, red roofs, old stone steps, wooden shutters and little white boats caressing the shores.

The town is an interesting architectural unit, as it was built on a terrain which gradually rises above sea level.krk beach

Baška’s stunning natural semi-circular beach overlooks the Velebit mountain range and the islet Prvić.

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