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Intuitive generation – Children of the New Age – Indigo, Crystal and Rainbow Children

Written by Ales Maticic

“Be patient with everything that’s in your heart, and is outstanding and that you do not understand. Try to love the questions themselves, like locked rooms or books written in foreign languages. The essence is in the experience. Live the questions now. Perhaps you will then gradually, imperceptibly, one day live to see their way to responses. ”

by R.M. Rilke

Children of Light

Children who began to come into the world in the last 30 years, are different from previous generations. They are not called “Children of Light”, “Millenium children” and “Indigo children”, without a reason. These children have a highly developed perception, are very sensible and generally medial talented. They have no tolerance for dishonesty and in authenticity. They know if someone is lying, and they know that right away. During the period after 1950, so-called “Light workers” or bearers of light began to come to Earth. They came as a response to calls of assistance from all those, who believe that there is a better world for all.The bearers of the light have been in times of hippies the rights activists, because they felt that they must help the world become a better place.

These are people who are extremely sensitive to energy. People who came to spread love, but there was something that stop them – the fear of success and fear of failure. The bearers of light have a strong connection to their guides and angels who are constantly pushing them forward, because they fear and do not want to present themselves alone to the world. The bearers of the light are Earth Angels, who are different.

They were often teased, that they are strange , and so as a responses to their prayers, came Indigo Children.
Indigo children’s health issuesIndigo children do not have any major psychological problems, but if they have, they are often diagnosed with Attention Deficit Syndrome (AAD), or syndrome, Attention Deficit with hyperactivity (ADHD).

It is essential that with children, having this syndrome, we are trying to solve issues arising from mentioned syndrome, before we gave child a medication for him calm down.

As a parent of a child, who’s using medicine, you probably have a feeling, that medicine is working and is good for a child and that this medicine is a problem solver for your child. Children behave better and act more calmly at home and at school again, everything goes more smoothly.

But later, when child  stop taking this medicine, it may cause some kind of explosion in behavior. When these people grow up and remember about their childhood, they often have a sense of feeling of childhood, as it was spent in a kind of apathetic, darkening state of mind, which were unrelated to their real feeling, their real state of mind.

Not all indigo children have disorders, which are referred to as Syndrome Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, as well as all children with these disorders are Indigo children.

This is the time, when you need to consider, to whom this medicine really helps.

Are those parents, who get benefit?

Or it helps children with this syndrome or teachers at school? It is certainly that some of the children, after taking the drugs, become calmer and more conformal, but maybe that’s just because the product is mutilation, which has eliminate their highly developed consciousness.

Indigo children are unwilling to subject and be obedient. If we look at the cinema film about some person, with rebellious personality, we applaud this person.

But, we see the same spirit in our children; we are trying to suppress this with drugs.Some psychiatrists believe that in this case, drugs are not correcting biochemical imbalance, but effect is contrary, it cause the imbalance. Children do not have disorder – they are living in a disturbed world! If we make changes, and change their environment, you will see, that  “interference” will disappear.

These children can flourish, if the adults show them, that that they care about them, and if the pay attention to their children’s basic needs.  For these children, the great stress is based at the right half of the brain. This means that they are visual, creative, artistic, look beyond the physical and spatial. Our school system requires the use of left half of the brain, which is inconsistent with the natural way of thinking of children with a dominant right half of the brain. If we give the diagnosis to Indigo children, then we stigmatize them. Each state is an illusion.

If this condition is diagnosed, or treated as stigmatized, then we make it real.  In addition, the these all actions leads to worse. It is important that our children will in no matter what happened, be stigmatized and they will not be judged as “sick.” But, be careful even with the concept of “Indigo Children”, and let the labeling does not seduced us, into believing that our children are special and different. We are all children of God and we are all one.

The only difference is this: in the dreams of the material world, where we are seen as separated, Indigo children have a unique mission. Literally, they are people of the future, who have been incarnated to this planet, which has its roots in the past. They are the creators of peace, wise old soul and hope to improve the situation of our planet. At home, among parents, they want to create peace.

Certain things are better situated in the heart, as you would expect from children their age, as they are demonstrating us wisdom, and leave us speechless. They have “standard build in” humanitarian instincts and they show them from the outset. They know that they are there and belong together. They are a new evolutionary step of mankind. In response to their prayers, at the beginning of this millennium, Crystal Children began to arrive.

Crystal children

Crystal children have a completely new patterns of behavior, these are the children who can immediately forgive, and are different from the Indigo children.

They have large bright eyes that are like magnets that attract people to themselves.

With them, you got that feeling, that you cannot hide anything, because they are as  x-rays and they see through you. They know how to listen with your heart and are compassionate, highly intelligent and intuitive. Nature is the one that is the most important to the crystal children. They came with a mission to show us the way back to ourselves, back to nature.  Therefore, crystal children with their health problems, allergies and diseases often force their parents to change eating and lifestyle habits.

Rainbow children are just beginning to come to earth, they are born to parents, who are usually a crystalline.

They are pure joy and love.

They have a rainbow aura and energy as dolphins.

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