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Innsbruck, a beautiful place in the middle of the Alps

Innsbruck likes to boast out, that Innsbruck is the capital of the Alps and their cultural diversity.

Therefore – even though you will choose to dress in a sports suit, tux or the famous “Lederhosen” – anything from this choice will be the right outfit.

Innsbruck has been known in history much before it become a winter sport center, which has already twice hosted a winter Olympic Games.
Taking walk through and around the city will have privilege to see Gothic, Baroque and Renaissance monuments, and you get the feeling like someone has turn time back. Also lovers for contemporary art will have opportunity to visit many galleries and exhibitions.

Something for everyone

Innsbruck is a city with 120,000 inhabitants which are »squeezed« in the valley between the German and the Italian border, and on the west side of Austria. Innsbruck is also known to be undoubtedly one of the most beautiful Alpine towns. It’s very famous for its snow-covered Alpine peaks, which has paved the way for River Inn.

Although the winters are very cold with plenty of snow, the weather in the spring is completely changing since the days appear to be very long, and often with a lot of sun. Cold winters and sunny and worm summers. This combination provides Innsbruck tourism throughout the year, it offers an excellent combination of history, picturesque nature and the many opportunities for sports activities. No wonder then that, on average, this alpine gem is visited by about five million people a year.

This  800-year-old city and its people do not facing anything serious is proven by a cursory look at the locals, who walk carelessly on the streets, also a look to all luxurious things that are offered in shop windows with high prices are proof for that.

We could walk through the center of the city without any problems as the old historic core of medieval is often colorful buildings which are rather compressed, but otherwise there is also available a modern tram, which can take you to desired destination in only few minutes.

Yes, “the one” with  golden caret

What are the most “IN” sightseeing spots?

Without doubt, the first caret Gold (Goldenes Dachl), not very big, a very special and amazing hallmark of Innsbruck.

It is a roof, covered with 2.657gilded copper tiles, which were made for Emperor Maximilian I. This was build for him so he culd stay under the roof of the balcony and enjoyed watching the events that took place in the market before it.
Among the churches, there have a special place a churche named Hofkirchen (Imperial Church).

This church was build between years 1553 and 1563 by a emperior Ferdinand I. as a monument to his grandfather, Emperor Maximilian I.  Maximilian’s I. sarcophagus is embellished with lotus leaves, which is considered as one of the richest remains of monuments to any European emperor. The sarcophagus are strung-finished statues of his predecessors.

The church is the tomb of Andreas Hofer, Tyrolean national hero.
The main city landmark is the City Tower (Stadtturm), which was built in the 15th century as part of City Hall. With this tower is a wonderful view of the town and mountains Nordkette.

Bergisel – a living legend of the city

Innsbruck has a special place among sports enthusiasts as it is due to the large number of modern sports facilities and ski logical choice for many sports competition.

All over the world is also very known and famous ski jumps Bergisel, also known as the third stop along the prestigious Christmas tour.

This is a sky jump place, which had hosted Olympic Games in years in 1964 and 1976. You could also see this Ski jump place from the city. If you want to visit is, the tram that goes through the city could take you there and then you have only a short walk to the ski jump place.

This ski jump place was already used in year 1925 when the brawest ski jumpers had used it. Its big renovation was done about eight years ago when they also built a 47 meter high tower, which leads to the gondola and it also a viewing platform with a restaurant, where you can eat and enjoying the view. And when you are up there, it looks like the whole world is beneath you, well, or at least Innsbruck is lying under your feet.

Christmas Fair

In December, A Christmas time in Innsbruck, and also in other Austrian and German cities, where this tradition is particularly present, enjoys its festive beat.

The main shopping street Maria-Theresia-Strasse is already from November overwhelmed with stalls, which are offering a wide variety of things, and they its closed later in beginning of January.

It is very crowded, especially on weekends is significant, but that does not interfere with the locals and foreigners, who enjoy shopping, and in between they get warmed up with a glass of punch and cooked wine.

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