If I could live again

Written by Kizie

When they asked, today already deceased eighty-five years old Nadine Stair, how she would live, if she could live again her life.

She replied; I would allow myself to make more mistakes. I would make sure, that I would live more relaxed life, and my life would be more colorful, with more motion. I would act slightly more foolish and silly, than I have. Furthermore, I would take fewer things seriously. O would offer me, to have more options and would not take the more secure and down to earth paths in my life.  I would climb to more peaks and swim in much more rivers that I have. Afford the more ice cream and fewer beans.

I would pay attention more to real problems, and not just silly one, that do not deserve our attention. You know, I am that person, who lives every hour, day after day sound and imputable life. Being on save side was my motto. Ohh, I had have my moments, but if I could live longer, I would have them more, and afford them more often. Indeed, I would constantly try to make them as much as possible. I would live each moment as unique one, and not as I did before, – I lived for the future, and what future would bring, and what would be best for me in the future.  I was one of those people who never go nowhere without a thermometer, thermos, raincoats and parachutes. And if I would have opportunity to travel again, I would travel much lighter.  If I could spend my life all over again, I would start walking barefoot from early sprint and continued to late autumn. I would dance more. I would spin more on “merry-go-round” carrousels. I would pick more daisies.

What would you do differently if you had a chance to live again?

Humans are fallible, we constantly make mistakes. Small, irrelevant, medium, large and fatal. But, very true, and sad at the same time is, that we cannot repair mistake, which was already done. What was done was done; we cannot turn time back and delete, edit, destroy, conceal what we did wrong, or change wrong things that were done to us. 

Not possible at all, and it was mean to be like that. So, we could learn through our mistakes. Learn about ourselves, about others, about life. But, it was always like that, that we were punished for all bad things that we have done. They told us that the greatest sin is a mistake. Therefore, modern man do not recognize mistake that he has done, and therefore, he doesn’t see one. He considers, that making mistake is like a sin and that this is something that should be done. At the same time, this same man is not seeing his own mistakes.

When we make a small, medium or big mistake, there are no significant consequences. But what happens if such a blind man makes a fatal mistake? What then?
Nothing. Because, there isn’t a way that we could correct mistake that we done. There is no turning back time.

But, therefore, our Creator gave us forgiveness. Forgiveness is the act of someone who has been wronged. When you forgive, do that for yourself and not do it instead of person that have made mistake. When we forgive, we free ourselves from anger that we feel. Anger, that is arising from fact, that we have been deceived, left, intimidate us, falsely condemn us … When we forgive, we do not forget, we do not free the one who had sinned, we do not encourage him to sin again. When we forgive, we just stop hating.

When we forgive, we liberate ourselves. This also does not mean that we get into the same situation again.  You never enter the same river twice, even though the water is running, and it seems different as was for the first time. We are changing in every situation. Everything is changing, world, time, energy, but primarily is a man who is changing. Even if you feel that you are always the same, this is not true, perhaps you are even declining. Therefore, take hold of forgiveness skills.

Do not be afraid that you will be weaker if you are able to forgive. But do remember, forgive only the strongest. Forgiveness is greater, stronger and braver than an act of revenge. Revenge is for weak people, forgiveness is for strong ones.

Make sure, that your life does not slip out of your hands. It would make no sense, that when you are old, you would like to change thing to be better. Or, at the late age you would be aware of fact, what you have been missed, because you constantly were watching over things, just to make sure, you are not going to be hurt.  Humans are fallible, so we are getting hurt and we hurt sometimes others. But this is life and it is better to hurt than to be constantly supervised. If we are our own guards and we life in a strict discipline and pay attention to all steps and actions that we will take – we won’t be happy and colorful life. Such people are always first in everything, they are the one we can always rely on, but at the same time, these things and feelings could completely suffocate their life.

That person is no longer able to relax; they lose the “joie de vivre”, the joy of life. Wherever he goes, he always takes with him thermometer, thermos, raincoat and a parachute. And, he watches others from a distance, how they are enjoying on the carousel, and he is not able to gather daisies, and he doesn’t know how to dance anymore.

If I could live again, I would allow myself to love with more passion. I would live more freely; I would be unreliable and less boring. I would not know how to cook and how to clean, and would have more time to play with children. I would draw, sing, dance,…I would be a passionate and sensual woman.

Yes, I did make mistake before in my life, and will probably do one or two more  but, I would include more of free spirit in my life. And not going to be tied up so much. The past cannot be changed, but we can definitely live our present time the way we want.

So, remember, we can change this moment, it’s never too late to start changing your life.

I can do it and you can do it – right here, right now!

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  • Yes.. Your post is true. we ‘ll never turn back time and never ever. But we still have more little time to change everything, change our lives, other people and give something useful to others.. be a useful people.

    that’s we live on one earth..

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