Iceland, the magical island

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Iceland is often named also “the land of fire, ice and hot-water”, which are also the main Iceland features and things that are worth visiting.

Even though Iceland is quite small by its land, but it’s full of wonderful surprises.

When you think, that you already saw its all “faces”, Iceland surprises you with something new, something unexpected… something unpredictable….
Iceland is an European country which lies in North Atlantic ocean, with a surface of 103.000 square meters and it’s a second biggest island in Europe.

The name of Iceland, which means “the land of Ice”, and its position connect Iceland with the ice area, cruel to people’s lives.

Yet, Iceland is also something else and much more. Thanks to Gulf Stream, sea around Iceland never freezes.

For Iceland is significant oceanic climate with moderately cold winters and short cool summers.

The weather in Iceland is highly variable. Icelandic proverb says: »If weather does not suit you, wait 15 minutes, and it will change!”

And this is very true. Warm and cold ocean streams often collide against each other, moisture in the air and mountains, cause unpredictable weather.

If you see people, who are trying to protect themselves from the rain with an umbrella, you can be sure that these people are tourists.

The thing is, that in Iceland, rain falls almost always horizontal, meaning, so that your  only help and benefit could be a raincoat.

Polar night

The official tourist season in Iceland is lasts from June to August, when day is long unimaginable 22 hours.

It is unique feeling, to watch the low midnight sun, which – for the moment, touches the ocean with thousand colors, and then rises again.

There are not enough words to describe this magic moment. In August, the day become shorter, and in December lasts only for few hours.

During this period, tourist can enjoy observing the unique polar light.

Iceland is a home to almost 300.000 people, which are descendants of Norwegian, Danish and Celtic migrants. Contrary to our discontinued opinion on the “northern coolness”, Icelanders are very communicative friendly, pleasant and witty people.
It has been found, that Icelanders a nation whose people live longest.

Two of the reasons for that are definitely, their cheerful and optimistic spirit and positive /bright side of life.

The inhabitants are mainly engaged in fishing, export of fish products and tourism.


Iceland is the country, where you will find the most geysers in the world.

You could find most of them  on the south-west part of Island.

Extremely interesting is geyser Strokkur, which erupts every 15 minutes and reaches about 40 meters high.

Literally you can feel how your adrenaline increases dramatically with every outbreak of water-vapor. The land shows its strength and passion on some many unusual and extraordinary ways.

Mythical creatures

The capital of Iceland is Reykjavik, which is an industrial, commercial and cultural center of country.

The official language is Icelandic, which originates from the ancient Viking language, which hasn’t practically changed over the time.

This fact says a lot about the importance of culture, tradition and heritage of Icelanders. Majority of the population are Lutherans.

At the same time with religion, Icelandic families are also home to sagas, many legends and stories about god’s, trolls and other mythical creatures from strange Icelandic history. This  mystical side of history is preserved through oral tradition, radiates a magnetic attraction, and we could listen about it for hours. It’s very mystical.

A large part of Iceland’s surface is covered with glaciers and volcanic areas, there’s only a small area that remains as cultivated area.

Some time ago, the Iceland were almost all covered with forest, but today, only a small part remains.

The main vegetation is tundra, low vegetation and mosses. Iceland is covered with almost 200 volcanoes, from which 30 are still active, and break out approximately every five to six years.

Next to the volcanoes, the geysers are also known attraction in Iceland. Geysers are known for springs of boiling water

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