How to cut cancer risk with big muscles

musclesThe risk of cancer is not reduced only from the appropriate diet and adequate weight, muscle mass is also important.

Team of experts from the Karolinska Institute in Sweden followed the living habits of 8,677 volunteers, male, aged between 20 and 82 years between 1980 and 2003.  Each volunteer had a regular medical examinations, where experts also measured muscle strength of the individual. They also followed how many suffered from cancer and the proportion of deaths for this severe disease.

The study showed that men who regularly practice with weights, have the highest muscle strength, and are 30 to 40% less likely to fall ill and die of cancer as well. They observed that the protective effect of anaerobic exercise even with the overweight volunteers, which trained regularly with weights.

In the past, experts recommended especially aerobic exercise, such as jogging, cycling … and a healthy lifestyle as a preventive measure against the occurrence of certain diseases. Today, however, experts recommend that menshould be training at least 2-times a week with weights, and not neglecting any muscle group.

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