How to become a leader and survive?

busines man

busines man

The transition to a management position is associated with several traps, including the inability to change the relationship with colleagues.

Promotion is a big change for a new leader and the staff. Joy and confidence at the progress can end  very fast, if the individual does not prepare himself for this big change. Taking over the leadership brings up the dilemma, for the new boss to remain friends with former colleagues.

Promotion is often accompanied by a change of personal contact with colleagues and changing social networks. It is becoming increasingly difficult, as we spend more time  in the workplace and the dividing line between personal and professional life is becoming increasingly blurred.

Feeling that you can talk to someone, complain about your problems and laugh with him, meets  the individual’s need for proximity and to belong to a group. However, we must realize that we talk about the business environment and that such friendship have a common denominator: the work. Therefore, if we place certain limits to the friendship in the workplace, many inconveniences and conflict situations that occur when one of your friends is promoted and gets new responsibilities can be avoided.



Fighting loneliness

Professionals agree that loneliness certainly is one of the major inconveniences. Staff expect that you treat them the same as before, however, the new leader has to know that he can not and should not, since this would mean failure for new job in the long term. The promotion is therefore confronted with the fact that he must move slightly away from the staff of, therefore many feel lonely at their new position.

This  typically happens to those who do not have friends outside the work environment, mainly because they are running out of time. Therefore, I recommend that people build quality social contacts outside the work environment.

Many traps of promotion

Advancement in the workplace is usually associated show you in my life each wants. However, many reach a level of incompetence with promotion, because  a good worker is not necessarily a good leader. In such cases, it makes sense to visit a training program for talent development. When the head knows and follows these basic principals, which are placed in the ‘recipes’, the results show in the whole team. It is true that the more the individual is progressing towards the top of the pyramid, the more isolated he can become. My advice is – stay positive and love people you work with.

money tree

money tree

The most important is the change of identity

The decisive thing for the progress is the change of identity, which requires a specific adaptation. When an individual assumes the identity of leaders, the more he gets aware of that management means to achieve the objectives through staff. It is true that there is the belief that it is lonely at the top, but if the process of identity change is successful, the feeling of isolation and loneliness soon fade.  it makes sense to invite coworkers and explain them that, they are still all in the same boat despite progress, and that only together they can safely sail to the port.

Communication is the key to successful cooperation

Communication is particularly important precisely in the first weeks. The great advantage of the new Head of is that he was a recent part of the same team, so staff knows how to facilitate the selection of the style of management.  As soon as you take the head, together with colleagues set the rules of the game for everyday activities. Then, arrange and monitor the objectives of each associate specifically to meet these goals.

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