Hawaii paradise on earth

Hawaii beachWhen we hear “Hawaii” most of the people think of dream beaches, welcome with the floral wreaths at the airport and the tourism boom of Waikiki. And many would be really surprised. Yes, the beaches are great and the best, but what the tourist brochures do not reveal is that the waves of at least half of the year there are too high for swimming. And at the shores of the island, you’ll often find crosses, put there for the memory of surfers, who have dash on the rocks.

Hula dancers and wreaths of flowers

Do you think about a welcome, where exotic native girls sing a welcome song with accompaniment with ukulele, and they put a garland of scented flowers around the neck? Unfortunate I need to disappoint you little bit. Here it is how it works; if you want Hula dancers, you need to pay them, and the crown comes only in bigger packages. If you go to Hawaii on your own, you’ll already be happy if the rental car will work without problems. And a bit about the most famous beach in Hawaii, named Waikiki, placed in capital city of Hawaii, Honolulu; there are a lot of crime going on, and the local people will most likely advise you, to leave you car open and do not lock it, as it may happened that when you come back, your car-window will be smashed. Some people get to know this “revelation” on a bad way. Don’t say I dint worn you.

Hawaii islandsIs camping only for adventures types?

Hawaiian almost unreal striking nature, which varies from the previously mentioned paradise beach of all the colors and structures, through the rich and flourishing flowers and hibiscuses and from grove to tropical trees, interlaced with sponging creeper, which invites you to camping.

Who wouldn’t like to wake up on the cliff, where among other things are filming series about Mysterious Island, and where you can get a best view of the Pacific Ocean?

Yeah, obviously the camping is more or less reserved for homeless people and / or drug addicts who came to Hawaii in search of paradise, sleep under the blue sky, wash in the ocean, and where the mangos will come from the trees above, from the marvelous trees. Ooo yeh. I don’t want to be too pessimistic, but, that’s the way it is. Unfortunately.

Hawaii diving waterlifeOh my god, you camped on the west side of Oahu? That’s like – a miniature Los Angeles!” was the reaction that we often get when we tell people our adventure. During our stay in camp on Oahu Island, in the middle of the night, with very loud music, some guys broke into a car, parked five meters away, and they took camera with all lenses and mobile phone. And all they left was a chaos, broken glass and blood stains.

Surfers and volcanoes in Hawaii

After all, among all unpleasantness, the famous archipelago, this is the most isolated piece of land in the world, is very well worth to visits. And not because of the relaxing on the beaches surrounded with palm trees – for that you don’t need to sit 20 hours on the plane.

But do visit Hawaii because of charming surfing oriented north coast of Oahu, and because of the glory (still active) volcano on the Big Island, because of the 40 kilometers long trekking along the caves in Kauai, after which you come to a dream landscape, because one the most beautiful roads in the world, exotic and full of turnings road from Hanna to Maui.

Where mangos fly from heaven…Hawaii Makena Maui

In Hawaii you can ride under the eucalyptus at the foothills of a volcano, and afterwards, high above the clouds, you could see the amazing sunset. You can pick bananas and mangoes in the jungle, where you can still find some remains from the hippie communes. You can watch the fireworks for the 4th of July, while you are enjoying an ice cream with banana, pineapple and macadamia nuts flavor. In the morning you could be walking on the edge of the canyon, called »Grand Canyon, of Pacific« and in afternoon you could already be shopping in surfer’s store, where you suddenly begin to wonder how you can live without the Hawaiian shorts. And in the evening, when you will be at the restaurant, eating fish with the sounding name of mahi-mahi, in a sauce of ginger and coconut, you will truly think that Hawaii are the best resembling of heaven on earth.

Hawaii natureFacts about Hawaii

137 islands with a total area of 16,649 km 2 belong to Hawaii. Most of the islands are not inhabited. 8 largest islands are (from west to east) Niihau, Kauai, Oahu, Molokai, Lana, Kahoolawe, Maui and Hawaii as the largest island, which carries the nickname of Big Island. Midway Atoll belongs geographically to Hawaii, but not politically.


All the islands are of volcanic origin. Maun Kea rises from 4201 m and the bottom it is even 5000 m below sea level, which means that in total this island is over 9000 m high. With this measured height, this is the highest peak on Earth. Slightly lower is an island Maun Loa, which is measured to be a most scope volcano on Earth. Its weight is so heavy that it deforms the Pacific plate. On the island of Oahu is the capital of the U.S. state of Hawaii, city Honolulu with one million inhabitants. It is interesting that the Hawaiians have arrived from Tahiti before several thousand years ago.

Hawaii oceanToday it is a mixed nation settlement of people from Japan, China and some various white people. Hawaiian language has 12 letters, of which there are 5 are vowels, and the language can be read as it is written. Hawaiian culture can learn about the various events, and one of the most popular is called »Hula show – dance show« – danced by beautiful girls in their “national costumes”. For the Pacific Ocean is know, that attracts a lots of newly-wedded pairs, which are coming for honeymoon. And, if from old time you thought, that Hawaii are too far away, or are too expensive to go, pay attention…. not anymore.

Hawaii, which are surfers paradise are cheaper as they could never been before. As they usually say, this is the most expensive island, which is more than three thousand kilometers away from North American mainland, but as financial crisis in 2008 have bring to less visitor and prices have gone down. There are many romantic places for relaxing (they say the most romantic is Hawaiian island of Kauai) which are almost always pleasantly chilling by wind pasat, the natural scenery. Volcanoes, cliff, canyons, crystal beaches, coral reefs, lush green forests and amazing, endemic flora and fauna is only part of a long list. In Hawaii love already welcomes you – Hawaiian word ‘aloha’ means not only ‘hello’ and ‘goodbye’, but also ‘love’! Alternatives that you have in the Pacific and Indian Ocean are: Galapagos Islands, the “naturalists”, the Philippines and the Andaman for the thinner wallet?, and “honeymoon classics” are in the Seychelles, Maldives, Fiji, Tahiti …

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