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Hawaii, one of most beautiful island

Written by Kizie

Hawaii is known as one of  Top ten most beautiful islands on the world. It’s unforgettable feeling, when you just arrive from a long journey on plane to this magical island, and locals are welcoming you with their famous greeting “aloha”.

And you are just waiting for a moment, when you will put around your neck this famous garland made of hibiscus. You can observe endlessly volcanoes on Hawaii, take advantages to surf all day long, and you can taste the fragrance of the most exotic orchids –and do all these things just for your own pleasure.

If you are searching and looking for perfect views do check out how is to see world from the highest Hawaiian volcanoes which you will find on island Kauia’i.

Mountain called Wai’ale’ale is the most important city on the island and we could also say, the most important city on the planet Earth.

You have a simple feeling, that here created all the humidity in the world. Kaua’i Island is so green, that producers have chosen, to film Spielberg’s film Jurassic Park here. If you wonder where to spend your honeymoon, and you are looking on net for Top ten most beautiful exotic islands, please do not forget about Hawaii -it would be love for ever.

When you visit it once, next time you are choosing destinations for your holidays, you have hard decision to make as Hawaii is please to visit numerous times.

Also people and their culture will get under your skin, and after that experience its really hard to get back to your normal everyday life.

Me myself, wishing to have more time, to spend it there –and maybe, on day, I will – as they say – you never know what tomorrow will bring.

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