Eat with your blood group – part 2

I will follow up my last blog regarding to how to eat in connection with your blood group.

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Second step

Be very aware of what kind of food you are having and do not try to change your life through the night. It wont work.  All good results, and the one that stays… come with time.
One of the main things is to check food – based on your nutricion profile. You will discover, that with certain food you will gain weight quite quickly or you will notice some other problems (sleepy, heavy feeling in your stomake,..) and some food will suit your profile.

Most usually we get most of the lectine in snacks. Therefore, be very suspicius about ingrediance in snacks, drinks and beverages you are having. Pay attention to those food which contains lectine ingrdience that are haremful for you, and only couse inflammation and gaining weight.  Replace this food with friendly products to your blood type. for example energy plates (Blueberry Almond, Chocolate Cherry), protein drinks (Problend A, B Problend, Problend AB, Problend O) and tea (Tea A Tea B, AB Tea, Tea O). You will notice quite soon, that your body is gratefull for that. Not only, that these products are easily digested, but they also have an immediate impact on the chain reaction, which are cousing lectisn in your body.

3260healthy_foodThird step
Among the food supplements there are also products who can block lectins functions before they start sticking to your cells in your body and start couseing problems.
When you dont have a choice to control what and when you eat, or you dont know which ingredians your food contains, you can reduce damage that is coused to your body with some selected food.

For example; replace your weath bread and pasta with more acceptable flour, neutral spelt bread and pasta, and try to avoid from your nutrition food made of pork meat.
Instead of consume food which contains bad cereals and pork meat, try to enjoy more qualitly meat and vegetables. To start with, its enough to remove gluten and pork from your food.

Its a step in the right direction.

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