Does caffeine keep us awake?

What gives the caffeine in coffee, its effect?

coffeeAnd does caffeine keep us awake, or make us even more active?

Coffee is a morning drink, which wake us up and help us get ready for day ahead.

And be honest, we don’t drink it because of the antioxidants that it has, but we drinking it, because of the stimulating effect that caffeine has.

Caffeine works by blocking receptors of substances called adenosine, which also promotes sleep.

And the level of adenosine is increasing during the day.And does caffeine keep us awake, or make us even more active?

The longer we are awake, the higher level of adenosine will be achieved.

By blocking adenosine receptors, the caffeine help us “beat” sleepiness, which consequently make us feel more awake and alert.

By drinking coffee we are not getting smarter, I know… … not very good fact. But anyway, it will improve our activity and accuracy of our mental response. I say, not bad at all.

If we would make sure to intake accurate dose of caffeine daily, we could improve performance and prevent accidents, with those who work long hours, such as medical workers, firefighters and rescuers.
Most people drinks coffee at completely wrong time, as they drink a cup or two in the morning.

This is actually the last thing we need, since we have the lowest level of adenosine in the morning. It is better to start drinking coffee in mid-day and have some in the afternoon, of course, if your goal is to get through the sleepiness.

But millions of coffee addicts, who drink coffee in the morning can’t really be wrong, as they devote first morning thought to coffee.

Must admit, me myself do that some times. And there is such a thing – as craving for morning coffee, it is called “sleeping laziness”. It is true, that some people have major difficulties to get from sleep to alert stage. Some, who could be suffering from some mental disorder features, sometimes needs even two hours to get alert, after they wake up. Caffeine in coffee speeds up this process.

Dangerous combinations

Mixing alcohol with drinks, which contain caffeine, may cause great harm to your body.
In Sweden, a few years ago, they found out, that the three young people died because of mixing energy drinks and vodka.
After this accident, the health services in all media ads have announced warning, that mixing alcohol with energy drinks can lead to many health problems.

Is there any reason, why not love coffee??

Coffee drinkActually, there are only few. People with irregular heart beat are often advice to avoid caffeine, because of concern, that this could aggravate arrhythmia.
And if you have trouble sleeping, try to reduce the consumption of caffeine in order to ascertain whether caffeine is interfering with your sleeping and resting time.
Also common are advices to pregnant women, as they should limit consumption of caffeine from all sources.

The reason is that caffeine increases the risk of abortion; although not all experts do agree with this statement.
One of the signals of healthy pregnancy is, that pregnant woman temporarily lost the taste for coffee.

The excessive consumption of caffeine is associated with low birth weight, and because caffeine passes into breast milk, pediatricians advise nursing mothers to avoid drinking coffee.

But, according to the latest good news about coffee, the issue would likely to be reversed. Should people who do not drink coffee, think about it, and have a cup or two per day?

ArrhythmiaHypersensitive persons, children and pregnant women should be all avoided from beverages containing caffeine such as coffee, cola and energy drinks.

Overdose with decaffeinated, especially if you stir with alcohol, can cause arrhythmia, or irregular heartbeat or moreover a cardiovascular collapse.

Coffee isn’t a universal drink

Recent findings are quite encouraging, even though still must be confirmed by other studies. Scientists need to understand better, what is in coffee and how it works on the body.

After all, for particular all serious diseases such as Parkinson’s and diabetes, active substances founded in coffee, will probably be synthesized in medicine, so that the dose can be carefully maintained.

Some pharmaceutical companies have already begun to explore this possibility. As far as antioxidants, you could get them from all sort of food, from various teas to oranges.
If you are among those who already enjoy a cup of coffee or two per day, these last findings are reason to cherish pleasure, which coffee gives us.

The message is that drinking coffee for most people is not dangerous. If, however, will show that consuming it, is somehow useful, so much better for us.

Effect of coffee on Balzac

Scientists are not the first to have discovered the virtues “buzzing”, which is gained from drinking coffee. Writers have praised it for a long time.

Honoré de Balzac, for example, said that the cup of coffee, “it begin to happen a general confusion of ideas , as it would move a large army battalion on the battlefield, things that they remember, begin to come in a noisy gallop, light cavalry creates a metaphor great change & rise a smile and the paper is covered with ink … ”
Energy drinkFatal combinationYoung people did rapidly accept consumptions of energy drinks, in the belief that they can drink in unlimited quantities.

Drinks, which provide power, have become very fashion and trendy.

But the producers did not foresight and proved it for mixing these drinks with alcohol, as not, that a lot of people are vulnerable to alcohol and caffeine.

As known as the interactions of medicines and alcohol, and we all know that they must not be mixed.

Although energy drinks are not drugs, there are similar actions in organism.

Stimulant and depressant

Two opposites are not good to each other, as caffeine is a stimulant (stimulates the activity), and alcohol is depressant (calms us down.

Thus, both are acting on the brain. , if you enjoy in larger quantities (and young people often do), this may also lead to heart attack- vein.

Those who survive it would never ever mix these substances together. But there are not only caffeine and alcohol in the drinks, which are controversial.

The energy drinks are often part of the ephedrine, and when we mix these three substances together, their activity is similar to activity when taking ecstasy.

And then, is not far away from the rapid collapse. In the U.S. have banned the use of ephedrine, the actual effects of caffeine on the body were discovered only recently.

Caffeine and headache

Cup of espresso contains about 60 mg of caffeine; liter of cola drink about 130 mg in one tin (250 ml) of the energy drink has about 90 mg of caffeine.

In cup of tea, we could find next to caffeine also other alkaloids such as theophylline and theobromine.

From chocolate to hot cocoa, all the products whose main ingredient is cocoa also contain caffeine.
It should be remembered that the caffeine is the component of many substances for the pain relief (in quantities of 60 to 200 mg), but also that caffeine in large quantities can cause headaches.

The effect after 15 minutes
Already fifteen minutes after having cup of coffee, caffeine occurs in the blood. Since acts on the central nervous system and accelerate the heart functioning, which supply more oxygen to the body.

For a better mood

Drink CoffeeCaffeine accelerates the consumption of calories, breathing, excretion of urine and stomach acid. After we consumed caffeine, it very rapidly leads to mood, concentration and motivation improvement, (goods euphoria), but this situation lasts for a relatively short time, from 30 to 60 minutes.

Afterwards comes the second, depressive phase. The larger dose of caffeine does not do the trick, and improve the situation, but it would make it worse – because often when it is used, the worse it works.

If you drink four cans of energy drink, you enter into the body of approximately 350 mg of caffeine, which is sufficient first for euphoria, secondly for depression and insomnia as a third stage.

Breaking hearts and rage

The International Olympic Committee is treating caffeine as a drug and they are disqualified players, if they found in urine a large proportion of this substance.

The concentration of 12 mg / l is acceptable, but more than that is already note as a doping. Eight pans of strong coffee can bring the concentration up to 700 mg / l.

As a stimulant caffeine may defer a feeling of tiredness. It works even better, if few days before we haven’t drunk any beverage that would contain caffeine (coffee, tea, cola).

Average sensitive man can intake daily dose of 100 to 130 mg of caffeine (that is equal to two, three, or one cup of coffee and half a tin of energy drink), and if it is taken twice or even three times larger amount, then it could lead to insomnia, migraines, heart breaking and rage attacks, which are reliable indications of poisoning.

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