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balanceBlood group B has appeared before 10,000 to 15,000 years ago in the mountainous Himalayas in the part of today’s Pakistan and India. Mutation has occurred probably in response to climate change. The first individuals with blood type B have occurred in India or the Ural mountains in Asia, in the mixed tribes in Caucasus and between Mongols.

A new blood group had quickly become a characteristic of large tribes, which were colonizing in steppes are have been dominated at that time in Eurasian plains. When the Mongol started to move towards Asia, the gene for blood group B was already firmly rooted. These nomad populations were focused towards north, and they were also bringing with them their culture, based on production of livestock and dairy products.  The nomad shepherds were divided into two groups: first, rural, less mobile group in the south and east area and the other, more combat team with excellent riding skills, which were break through Eastern Europe. As a result of this, we can still find today gene for group B in present Eastern European peoples.

Paternity_Blood_type_ChartMeanwhile, the agrarian focused group had stabilized in China, Southeast Asia. In accordance with the nature and climate of these areas new colonists invented and used many new methods of irrigation and soil treatment, which showed the high creativity, intelligence, and practicality. In comparison with other blood groups, the group B is much more clearly geographically arranged. For the time being, the highest proportion of group B can be found among subcontinental Indians, the people of Caucasus origin.

Moreover, we can also find lots of people with blood type B in the north of China and Korea. In order to survive, are ancestors of blood type B should be flexible and creative. From that point of view they are middle path between the system and conformism of group A and hard determination of blood type 0. Blood group B is biologically is more flexible than other groups and less susceptible to many diseases.

They can participate with different personalities and are less prone to conflict. Amongst Jewish people if group B highly represented. In the tradition of their intelligence, peacefulness and Spirituality coexist with a strong physical structure to fight, if necessary. Maybe it sounds as a contradiction, but this is only various tuning of energies of group B.

jphealthy-living-woman-main_FullCharacteristics: Balanced, a strong immune system, tolerant digestive tract, eater of milk and dairy products, manage to adapt to different diets, responds to the stress on the best way – with creativity, needs a balance between physical and mental activity in order to maintain health.

Predispositions of the following problems: a viral inflammation, influenza, diseases caused by viruses with the slow-acting (sclerosis multiplex, Lou Gehrig disease – Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis-like neurological disease), autoimmune disease, diabetes type 1 (children), sinusitis, including chronic.

Foods which will make you gain weight

Maize – inhibits insulin efficiency, slows metabolism, Lens – hinders the absorption of nutrients, slows down metabolism, Peanuts – slowing down the metabolism, Sesame seeds – slows down the metabolism, buckwheat – impedes digestion, slow metabolism, and wheat – impedes digestion and metabolism, causing accumulation of fat and hinders the use of calories for energy, inhibits insulin efficiency. Most of them could cause hypoglycemia.
People with blood type B were liable to hypoglycemia, which causes uncomfortable feeling, and raises “big hunger.” Therefore I would recommend to be avoided in the regime or diets of many small meals. It is not so much a problem when you eat, but what you eat. If you would eliminate from your meals food that could potentially cause hypoglycemia (listed above), the problem will be solved easily.

healthychickenmeal_FullHowever, if you eat many small meals, you could cause with this risk of confusion in your hunger signals. Meaning, that as a result of all written above, you will eat enough, but still in the end of the day you will still feel hunger.  Moreover you will find out with the surprise that on your list of food you are allowed to cheeses, which are normally prohibited in losing weight diets. However, without fear: with a balanced diet and the right amount of dairy products will help your metabolism. More important is to remove food which is distracting your metabolism and effectiveness of insulin.

Foods which help you lose weight

Green vegetables – stimulates metabolism, meat – stimulates metabolism, eggs and dairy products – , liver – stimulates metabolism, tea from the sweet root – removes hypoglycemia.

Reaction to stress – aerobics (44-60 min, 3x per week), tennis (45-60 min, 3x per week), martial arts (30-60 min, 3x per week), rhythmic gymnastics (30-45 min, 3x per week), walk (30-60 min, 3x per week), cycling (45-60 min, 3x per week), swimming (30-45 min, 3x per week), fast walking (30-60 min, 3x per week), jogging (30-45 min, 3x per week), lifting weights (30-45 min, 3x per week), golf (60 minutes, 2x per week), tai Chi (45 min, 2x a week), hata Yoga (45 min, 2x a week).


Meat – look like there is directs link between stress, autoimmune diseases and beef meat, at least in blood group B. Our ancestors were more likely to adapt to other types of meat (after all, tundra is an ideal habitat for cows …). If you feel tired or your immune system does not work the best, prefer to choose between the sheep, goat or rabbit meat instead of beef and turkey. Indeed, I would recommend to slowly giving up chicken meat because it contains lectins which are harmful to the group B.

If you already do not want to give up white meat, do chose between turkey and pheasant. Many would be surprise to find out, that for blood type B, there is no go to switch from red meat to white meat. It would do you any good. Actually, it would be pointless to do that for people with group B. It is not the quantity of fat in meat that is significant, but lectins, which are contained and which will cause you problems in a long run, most likely problems in the circulatory and immune system.

Useful: lamb, mutton, rabbit, venison. Neutral: Beef, buffalo meat, liver, pheasant, turkey, veal. Harmful: bacon, chicken, turkey, goose, quail, duck, honey, pork.

– Fish are an excellent food for the group B, in particular the deep-sea fish, which live in cold waters of the oceans as cod and salmon, which are rich nutritional oils. White fish such as plaice is also an excellent source of protein for high-quality group B. Avoided should be crab and mussel. (it is very difficult because for me to named them all, as the fishes use several names …).

Milk, dairy products and eggs – bloody type B is the only group that tolerates well many dairy products. The reason is very simple; the antigen of type B has an integral part of fucosy and D-galatosamin- sugar, which is similar to sugar in the milk. You can also enjoy the eggs (3-4 per week), because you can’t find lectins in it, as is known for chicken meat.

What if you have intolerance to lactose? First, start with any preparatory containing the enzyme lactose which “digest” lactose in milk. In a few weeks (when you start the diet for group B), start with a small amounts of dairy products (yogurt or kefir first), so that your digestive tract have time to get used to the new diet. It have point up, that most members of group B have overcome intolerance, once you have also corrected other food “mistakes”.

Useful: feta, goat cheese, cream cheese, goat milk, kefir, mozzarella, salted cow cheese, or 2% skimmed milk, yogurt (fruit or white). Neutral: Brie, butter, Camembert, Parmesan, cheese made from buffalos’ milk, Cheddar, Edam, emental, neufchatel, whole milk, Swiss cheese, gruyere, Muenster, Provolone, soy cheese, soy milk, cream cheese (formaggini). Harmful: ice cream, gorgonzola, processed cheese.

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