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Blood group A have accurse somewhere before 2500 to 15,000 years ago (in full Neolithic), around Asia or the Middle East, as a reply to changed ambiental conditions.
In this period it was distinctive incensement of farming and livestock cultivation. This has represented a major challenge for organism, which was only used to proteins, fruit and vegetables digestion. Ample supplies if food have encouraged evolution of the human kind. Since people were no longer obligated to daily look for food, they have developed communities and villages.

1-organic-vegetables-550Among all existent mutations blood group A have push itself to forward. Blood group A is very good with tolerating wheat and other cereals of agricultural crops. Instead of hunting skills, more and more are necessary; communication skills, planning and communication with the community.

These are all characteristics, which we can still find today with people with blood type A. Blood type A have spread very rapidly in the community, as a result of greater resistance to infections, which was opposite to blood type 0, which was diluted with fever in cholera epidemics (cholera was quite frequent in populated communities.

Blood group A have spread to Western Europe quite soon, where is even today widely present, especially in countries around the Mediterranean Sea.

vegetablesCharacteristics; the first vegetarian, reap what sow, a sensitive digested tract, tolerant immune system, adapts good to the environment and regular diet, to sent mind at rest with breathing exercises, needs agrarian diet to maintain body weight and body energy. For group A is very suitable vegetarian food, this is the inheritance of their more peaceful ancestors and also less eager to fight. If you are already fallowing Mediterranean diet already, then crossing to vegetarian food not going to be traumatic at all.

However, the change is necessary because people with group A needs vegetarian food, with a lots of fruit, food produces naturally, without pesticides and conservatives. Group A is more disposed to the fallowing problems; group A have tendency of heart diseases, diabetes and tumor. These are the most common problems with this group, but, of course not necessary your illness. If you will take into account these guidance for your blood group diet, you will strengthen your immune system and thereby reduce occurrence of very severe disease.

Some other problems: Diabetes type 1 (children), Bronchitis and pneumonia, Parasites, Rheumatoid arthritis.
Food that will help you gain weight: meat (difficulty digestion, moreover this leads to accumulation of fat and toxins in the body), milk and dairy products are inhibiting metabolism and absorption of other nutrients, some types of beans n(very interfere with the digestive juices and slow down the metabolism), wheat (to many –  blocking effectiveness of insulin and thus inhibit the consumption of eaten calories).

chilli-con-carne-with-vegetablesFoods which help you lose weight: vegetable oils (make digestion more effectively and prevent water retention in the body), food from soybean (improves digestion, its rapidly digested and metabolized), vegetables (accelerate metabolism and improve peristalsis), and pineapples (increase the usefulness of calories and promotes peristalsis). Reaction to stress: reaction to tress with group A in very intellectual, adrenalin in the body stimulates brain and causing tension, nervousness, persistent and hyperactivity. If the stress lasts for a long time this situation weakness immune system, destroyed antibodies and thus opens the way to several infections, heart diseases and also various type to cancer.

In order to defend stress, group A should use relaxing techniques as yoga and meditation in order to avoid constant tension. Also suitable are Tai či or Hata Yoga. To perform relaxing techniques do not apply any physical effort, but its mainly involved mental exercises.

Highly competitive sports will only exhausted your nervous system as they will increase tension and thus take your immune system into hypersensitivity state.
Recommended sports: Tai-či (30-45 min, 3-5x a week) , Hata-Yoga (30 min, 3-5x a week), Golf (60 min, 2-3x per week) , Swimming (30 min, 3-4x a week), Martial arts (60 min, 2-3x per week),  Fast walking (20-40 min, 2-3x per week) , Dance (30-45 min, 2-3x per week) , Aerobics (30-45 min, 2-3x per week) , Stretching (15 min, 3-5x a day).


– People with blood group A should remove from daily diet almost all types of meat because this is the only way to reduced circulatory system diseases and cancer. It’s quite understandable, that you will need some time, to change your habit to change to vegetarian food, but it’s important to start.  Start by removing from your diet all the beef and pork meat, and replace it with fish and white chicken meat and turkey made it in the oven or on the grill. Meat industry must forget on you as a customer, since these products contain nitrites, which could cause stomach cancer to the people, which have low lever of stomach acid – people with group A. Neutral: chicken, turkey. Harmful: goose, beef, lamb, deer, liver, rabbit, quail, duck, bacon, baby, deer, pork, ham, veal, rabbit.

fishFISH – A group A may eat moderate quantities of fish 3-4x a week, but it should avoid any white fish, as a plaice, because it contains lectins, which irritates digestive tract. If you are a woman with blood type A and there have been cancer present in your family, consider to get on your menu snails. Garden snails contain lectins, which modify cancer cells, in particular those of cancer in the chest.

Here are some examples where lectins work for our side: fish prepared in the oven, on the grill on the white source, – only preparing it this way will help you get the most of this food.  Useful: carp, raw salmon, sea trout, sea devil, white fish, cod, river perch, sardines, mackerel, rainbow troutNeutral: sturgeon, swordfish, redfish, pike, white tuna, seabass. Harmful: sea bass, octopus, eel, mussel, lepotka – venernica, smoked salmon, sea language sea salmon, plaice, halibut, oysters, hake, crustaceans, pilgrimage scallop (capesante), sardines, cuttlefish (KALAMAR), herring (marinated), which, haddock, frogs.


Group A can take in only small quantities, of fermented cheese, but should avoid products with whole milk, and also limit consumptions of eggs ( 1-3 a week). Anyone, who is used to consume milk products daily, should not necessary completely eliminate them, it should be enough to choose from the less-fat products such as yoghurt or skimmed milk, kefir, and some cheeses. Goat milk is a good substitute cow and of course, soy milk and soya cheese.

Group A have quite difficulties digesting dairy products. The reason is as fallow: the immune system produces antibodies to one of the components of whole milk, sugar, D-galaktozamine, which together with the fructose builds up B antigen. Since the immune system react to everything that remains to blood type B, also reacts to whole milk products.

If you are allergic or have respiratory problems, you can be sure that the consumption of dairy products increased production of mucus, which is a good basis for the reproduction of bacteria. Therefore, this is one more reason to restrict dairy products in your diet. Useful: soy milk, soy cheese.  Neutral: goat milk, goat cheese, processed cheese, yogurt, kefir, mozzarella, sheep’s cheese (feta), Ricotta. Harmful: curd, granular curd, Brie, Camembert, Cheddar, Edam, Emmental, Gouda, gruyere, Münster and skimmed milk, Parmesan cheese, buttermilk, Provolone cheese with noble mold, whey, ice cream, cream cheese.

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