Crystal treatment techniques

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There are numerous of crystal treatment techniques.  The most common are techniques, which take into account stone characteristics according to its structure, and also depending on the origin of the stone and the color of stone.

We could use crystals also for healing, where we put crystal on an aching place on the body or we could also use it as an elixir.

Elixir is gain from procedure, when we left crystal for some time in the water, of course, not every stone or crystal, because some of the crystals do not like water or some are even water-soluble and are not recommended to leave it in the water.

When we have found crystal that is good to make elixir from it, we drink its water in the morning, on an empty stomach. It is recommended to drink this kind of water with a combination of quartz-star – which is made from quartz, Citrine and from amethyst.

If you make the elixir from a rose crystal, it would be beneficial elixir for both drinking and for watering your indoor plants and flowers.

Stones that were used as an elixir should never be laid on an aching places of our body and nor should we wear and use them as a treatment. The stone and crystals that were once used for elixir are not supposed to use it for body healing.

Because of the negative energy that we could get it back from already used stone.  After each use, it is necessary to clean the stone and thus re-filled with his energy and invocation.

Choosing the right crystal

First of all, you should know that you are not the one that chooses crystal, but that each crystal chooses its owner. This is probably a little bit strange to hear, but that’s the truth. If you have intention, and you want to buy yourself a crystal, please take insight of you and let you intuition lead you. 

When I first came across with crystals and I visit the shop where they sell crystal the saleswoman told me that brown stone is for me, tiger eye, I look at it and haven’t felt anything; I just didn’t like it. It was funny that a saleswoman told you want you like just because you are Leo by horoscope. So on the end; I bought myself a rose stone, which I liked very much. Afterwards I bough few stones, but I still keep the first one very close to my heart. As they say, you never forget the first one – first experience in everything. I remember when i first learn how to swim..But this is another story.

Let me get back to stones.

So as I say before, it better to go and het crystal before you had any knowledge about crystals, then you will listen only to your inner voice, and choose crystal that’s your favored. Stone which you like by the color and form and you’ll see that you will hereafter, when you read the message why this stone is good and serves for, you will be pleasantly surprised, because  you will need just these qualities that the crystal have selected for you.

Crystal cleaning and activation

Each crystal that you have needs previous cleaning and activation.

Firstly you need to clean you crystal with a purpose and invocation. Later, when you have done that you can active your crystal.

This means, you hold in your hand and tell the virgin crystal, what you want from him.

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