Corfu, Emerald Isle

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Corfu beach
Corfu is one of the most southern Adriatic islands, on the edge on the Otrant doors.

Moreover, is also the northern Greek island, and because of that, you can’t really expect to get hot summer in beginning of May.

The atmosphere will be a few degrees wormer, than Adriatic coast, but still jumps into the sea are in early summers reserved for brave ones.

But, nevertheless, at that time you will summer crowds, those attractive mixed smell of the sea, heat, sun cream and overheated bodies which tickles hormones and awakens senses.

Solid beaches and nature with good tourism infrastructure, in principle everyone can find something that suits him best.

Corfu clifOnly thing that bothers me with Greek islands is, that is mainly dominated middle category (hotels, apartments, restaurants,..) which have quite high prices.

Therefore is better checking twice, what a bit more cosines and comfort would cost you.

Anyways… what I want to write is, to give you some history facts about island Corfu, and  write down some useful information, experience that I have, or would recommend to try out on island Corfu.

Therefore… we go back in history.

Rumors are that Odyssey was fascinated by this island.
The inhabitants of the island, which are today approximately 100.000, have retained only little history in Austria-Hungary Achilion Palace, which was the summer residence of Princess Sissy.

This is worth visit, and is located in the Orthodox monastery Paleokastrica, in the old fortress of town Corfu.

Corfu caveCorfu Town (Kerkyra) offers to see some history. It is a beautiful town, with its narrow streets, which are made between the university, markets, churches and the Royal Palace.

But please, do visit the villages, forgotten by the tourist crowds, which are located in the inner part of the island and offers a genuine idea of island life.

With a little luck can search out homely restaurant that goes beyond the supply of gyros, souvlaki and tzatziki.

There are too many taverns with excellent dishes are inviting you to relax and laziness.

The mild climate has allowed abundant vegetation, which turns island into a flower garden.

Corfu is also known by the name “Emerald Isle“.

It is one of the most desired islands, among of all the Greek islands.

Its natural beauty is hidden under the carpet lush, emerald green vegetation, which together with the dynamic nature of the mountainous and most of all the blue water makes the island with indescribable charm.

Corfu SidariCorfu personalizes Greek hospitality and the joy of life which is reflected with colorful entertainment and Greeks habits; the evening are meeting old and young people in many a tavern and “kafeniosih”.

Corfu has a beautiful green landscape, beautiful and diverse beaches for resting and relaxation.

The sea is ideal for swimming and some secluded beaches are still undiscovered.

You will find the most beautiful sandy beaches on the west of the island.

If you prefer beaches with a sandbank or rocky beaches, then I would recommend the north side of the island.

Also unforgettable are hundred of olive trees all around the island, among them is also a 500 years old olive tree.

Furthermore you will also find lemon and orange trees, oleander, cypress, acacia, vines and various types of flowers.

Corfu Sidari beachRich history of the Corfu island gives evidence,  that the Italians were here once, but English, and French, the Habsburgs, …

All of them have contribute a bit to that special bit of the island.

If you want entertainment, go back to the shore! Ipsos, Gouvia, Sidari, Kavos, these are all destinations for young Europeans which are looking for a night life.

Actually, a nightlife in Corfu could be an unique experience. The best “parties” are in Ipsos city, which attracts a lot of young people who want long dinner parties.

Entertainment gets its meaning here. And anyone who has once experienced Ipsos knows where are the best parties.

Thousands of young people looking for fun is waiting to join them.

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