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Written by Ales Maticic

Word Coaching arises from the world of sport. Just as sport allows athletes end coach to develop all their potential and achieve superior results, coaching is a similar example for a business world.

The business world – both in Europe and the U.S. – are using techniques and theory of coaching in order to increase the effectiveness of individuals and teams and to improve the competitiveness of enterprises.

There are five stages of coaching:
–    Analysis of the current status – status quo, all kind of obstacles and all types and strategies that adversely affect the client’s results.
–    Setting up objectives and define the necessary strategies in order to eliminate mental and emotional burdens that reduce efficiency.
–    Implementation of planned strategies to rapidly changing of limited beliefs in a constructive stance, which generates power, efficiency, freedom and time.
–    Choosing the appropriate orientation, which enable and provides the necessary power and ease of handling situations of all kinds
–    Maintaining this stance throughout life, regardless of unexpected events and tough circumstances, and access to their own resources to achieve the ambitious projects that you have never performed before.

Personal coaching is for all people who are interesting into personal growth and which to live fulfilled life; good health, supportive and satisfying relationships, and abundance!

With taking coaching sessions, you will be finding answers to following questions:
–    Who am I?
–    What is that I really want in my life?
–    What is my mission?
–    Why do I don’t have “luck” in love?
–    What is the reason that I fail?
–    Why do I repeat things?
–    In what I am good?
–    What are the misconceptions that hinder me?
–    How to get rid of them?
–    What do I do that I will achieve what I want?
–    What effect my environment?
–    Why did I choose this partner?
–    How to improve the partnership?
–    How can I help my child? ..
Let me further explain, that techniques that are used in coaching sessions are karmic numerology, Kirlian Camera, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Bach’s drops,  Bodywave, stimulation of the support points, lifting energy,..

While using these techniques, it will enable you that in within a few weeks you will make and notice major improvements in your life.

With coaching treatment you will receive knowledge that will have a decisive impact on all areas of your operation and support you in your decisions.

If you accept responsibility for your life and activities I can guarantee SUCCESS to you!

Accountability is a word that vibrates with the number 55th. This in the karmic numerology means the “thing” that we all craving very hard after.

With this I mean that our life is free, happy, prosperous life. Why do not we live it like this? The main reason, and also the only one is.. Because we prefer to run.

Take responsibility for yourself and create that for what you are craving for. Just take day by day…

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