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camping_beschriebBy definition of Britannica, camping is recreational activity, where participants place temporarily shelter outdoor; usually tent or specially designed or adapted vehicle as caravan.

Is this recreation??

For those, carrying tent attached to backpack and cyclers, which have it attached on carrier – we can definitely call it recreation. On the other hand, we can notice that these days is very popular more luxurious way of holidays, in more adopted vehicles and caravan, where the only recreation is the way to the public toilets.  But also these days, toilets can be finding in all modern vehicles.

My cynicism maybe is not in the place, but anyway, I must say, choosing camping holidays is becoming more and more popular.

Putting up tend and getting all ready to spend the night under the sky, means a more wider understanding of spending holidays in the nature. Having a lie-down in front of the tent is just a part of activity, which are widely –orientated recreational sports.

And yet, it seems we are getting closer to camping definition. But, why not spending holidays in apartments or a hotel? If nothing else, there’s always handy bathroom. I think the answer lying in flower-power philosophy, if we would of course reduce it to “freedom”.

In general, I think this is the most common issue, which convinces people to go camping. Flower-power generation has loved freedom, traveling, camping – with two words “beautiful summer”. Something about freedom; If I exaggerate a bit – to a today’s modern people freedom is in very mutilated version, as we are all struggling to survive in our little world. Camping is not necessary cheap, they can empty your wallet quit a lot, but still, with some precautions and luck, you can have a fabulous time also for small money.


The reason, that is not very cheap, has attracted a lot of snobbish people, to spend their holidays this way. This indicates, that smart and expensive cars are not all, a successfully business man should afford. Cars are already boring and everyone already has it. But not everyone has caravan. Not a lot people know who to use it. Nevertheless those who have caravan or a holiday trailer, count so something special.

On the other hand – some would like to get rid of that feeling. Camping or caravanning?? Caravanning is similar to camping, but it combines together living and traveling (camping) with a trailer or trailer. Caravanning excludes idea of sending the holidays in tent.

The main advantage of motorhome is higher mobility as you can spend the night also on parking place for trailers. With caravan we could restrain long distance and get to know macro region better. Another great advantages is, that with a caravan or trailer, you could get to some places that would be out of rich, if you are in a tent or have book your holiday through agency. Weak point for tent would be putting it up each day, also in a bad weather, which can lead to some unpleasant memories. But, do not forget the brave ones, who would put up tent in every weather condition.

A bit more about history of camping


Far back in the history, people have been traveling and living in their own mobile homes; either because of pastoralist life, either because of major war relocation or other relocations.

This of course cannot be definition of camping as it wasn’t a fun recreation, but plain survival. People obviously do want to go back to our roots – but is not only nature, that attracts us, but also the history of the indivisibility of our ancestors.

travel-graphics-200_433826a Thomas Hiram Holding was still a little boy, when he traveled with his perents through huge America, using train. 1.200 kilometer long road, during which they slept in the open air, inspired him, and he has lived his dream almost a quarter of the century later. This was firstly in 1877 when he had travel to Scotland with canoes, and he repeated this travel once again a year later. He was camping all the way to Scotland. Afterward he wrote two books about it, and the third one, in year 1898, when he combined camping and cycleling.

Three years after, he has founded Association of Cycle Campers. This association with other association has been starting point for creating a new Camping Club of Great Britain and Ireland, which merged together all previous associations.

This Association is still working today, a good hundred years later. Likewise, caravan Club of Great Britain was founded this year, and is still competition to a Camping Club.

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