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Written by Ales Maticic

In year 2004 after quite a long time, the U.S. Food & Drug Administration, has approved for the first time, a new botox treatment for excessive sweating under armpit; also called axillary hyperhidroses.

botox treatment injectionMore accurate, at July 16th FDA approved Botox (Botulinum toxin type A) for severe treatment of sweaty armpits, for those patients, who wasn’t get help with antiperspirant.

Botox is produced in company named Allergan, in city Irvine, California, USA and it is the most studied botulinum toxin brand, known all over the world.

Botox is available for more than decades, and has been used to treat more than one million patients with various medical conditions.

Including also various deformations and movement disorders.

With FDA approval, the United States are joining more than 20 other countries, that have already approved botox treatment to treat excessive sweating.

Usage of local botulinum toxin injections is a promising approach to reduce and relieve hyperdoses symptoms.

Researches has shown that armpits, hands, feet and face treatment with botulinum toxin is safely and effective.

In a clinical study, which have include 322 patients with severe armpits sweating, more than 81% which received injections reached more than 50% less sweating.

Also interesting is, that more than 50% of all patients have reduce sweating for least 201 days, which is nearly 7 months.

Effective use of botulinum toxin type A injections

Usage of Botox treatment for sweating is most effective if it’s done by a special doctor, who went through special training and have experience with the procedure.

Botulinum toxin injections can be administered in the medical’s office.

It requires relatively little time and don’t require any restrictions on work or leisure activities (except intensive exercise, or use of sauna on the day of treatment).

During the process, doctor uses a very fine needle, with which inject small quantities of botulinum toxin, just under the skin near the sweat gland.

These are responsible for excessive sweating problems. Doctor, who give you this botox treatment, could decide, that you could use more injections regarding your necessary treatment.

But moreover, be careful, and think twice, before you start the procedure. It’s quite known, that a lot of people don’t need “beauty improvement”.

But getting rid of unpleasant sweating is not one of them. I would recommend it, as I; myself know how embarrassing and unpleasant this could be some time.

Furthermore, if we look from the other side, sweating is known as a physical reaction, therefore, it would also help, and that we calm down ourselves (if this is our main problem).

For this we would need a bit of meditation practice and some breathing exercise. These are quite easy to achieve.
I would give it a shoot, it could be easy to learn, and quite effective.

botox treatmentAnyway, I should write a bit more about effective use of Botox treatment; I didn’t mentioned jet, that injections in the palms and sole may sometimes be quite painful.
In order to ease the discomfort, doctors use some of many techniques of anesthesia, such as; creams pain, nerve blockage, ice or vibration.
There is always possibility, that some sweat gland could be missed in the process. As a result, you could still continue experienced sweating in untreated areas.

If this happens, it is important to discuss it with your doctor for a re-evaluation of these areas; the possibility to “fill” the gaps with additional injections.

Botulinum toxin injections do not cure hyperhidroses and your symptoms will gradually return. Subsequent injections are necessary to maintain dryness.

These additional injections may be necessary in do them in intervals, ranging from seven to sixteen months.

Therefore, know that this is not a treatment, which would end sweating. But it would definitely reduce it, and moreover, make you feel better and more confident.

But on the end, the decision for these botox treatment is on your side. But the most important is that you get the best information about it, before you decide to do it.

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