Botox–Poison, when used in higher dose than normal

A poison that can’t compare to anything, when used in higher dose than normal

Botox-Injections-For-The-Neck-AreaMany people say often: “Looks good, but this is due to Botox“. Someone else would add, that precisely because of Botox, someone look quite terrifying. Therefore it is not surprising, that Botox have gained such reputation.

As I already mentioned in my previous post, Botox (botulinum toxin) is a natural purified protein produced by the bacterium Clostridium botulinum. Substance stops stimulation on the path from nerves and the small facial muscles, which creates facial expression.

It is injected in very small quantities and it’s causing relaxation of mimic muscles and prevents their consciously and subconsciously contraction.

The skin over the muscles therefore becomes more soft and smooth. It only works on selected muscle (injected with Botox), other muscles, however, operate normally.

Botox is effective at smoothing medium or strong expressed wrinkles, and it’s not appropriate for to remove or smooth scars. For removing scars, patient is opted for surgery.

Botox is most commonly used for removing wrinkles on the forehead, between eyebrows and wrinkles around eyes. Moreover is also used to remove wrinkles from neck, chin or décolletage.

Botox treatment syringe renphoto istock image 500One therapy usually takes around 15 to 20 minutes and is done without narcosis or local anesthesia, as this is done with a very thin needle and the pain is bearable.  In a lot of magazines and on the internet we can find many photos of famous people, which have been treated with Botox.

There are always pics from before and after the intervention. Some are happy, the other are not, and there are also ones, who are reminding us to danger that injection of Botox could cause us. I have find out talking to a plastic expert, how true are the rumors. I find out the following;

Botox is not recommended if:

  • you have any muscle disorders,
  • you are pregnant or breastfeeding,
  • you have problems with the injection of medical products into muscles, inflammation or deterioration of the muscles,
  • are already consuming aminoglycoside antibiotics or drugs for muscle relaxation,
  • you have active inflammation in the part of your body you want to be treated,
  • you had surgery in this part of the muscle,
  • you have inflammation in the muscle where you want injection
  • you have problems with swallowing or breathing
  • you have any problems with the muscles
  • if you are planning operation in injected area

Botox could be very dangerous when used by laics, people with no experience or knowledge.
Botox was first used in 2002 and with it each year are performed millions of interventions, using Botox.

Recently, especially in Great Britain, you could find a lot of articles about side effects, which are caused by using Botox.

The authors indicate possibility that individuals have problem, because treatment was done by an incompetent person. These days you could easily purchase Botox from the Internet.

I have come across with many articles, where in USA on a “Botox parties” a lot of things are happening, and a lot of Botox users use it freely on each other. Very important is that injections are done in only certain parts of the body /face, specific muscles on which you want to do mortification.

Therefore is highly recommended and essential that is done only by experts, and not laics.
Before any intervention or injections experts will always talk through all possibilities with patient, and also find out about wishes and expectations.

ITK_Procedure_FinderIt’s very important to know, that there are two sorts of wrinkles; hyper-kinetic wrinkles, which are result of the muscles activity, and wrinkles which are due to »tired« skin. And Botox works only on hyper-kinetic wrinkles.

Also is very usefully to have discussion before the injection, because of the potential contraindications. Moreover, Botox is equally effective on elderly and young people, but it depends on muscle strength, which is declining with elderly people.

The effect lasts three to four months, and is renewed with continues treatments.

It also works against sweat

Botox is not used only to reduce wrinkles but also to treat/prevent excessive sweating. Botulinum toxin paralyses sweat gland in the treated area and after therapy sweating completely cease.
The medicine is effective only at the spot, where injection have been done and is not absorbed into the body and does not act systemically in the body.

The treatment is not harmful for the body. The spots for treatment are armpits, hands or feet, but the effect lasts for eight to ten months and is not renewed with each new therapy.

Almost everyone is satisfied

So, what is going on with unsatisfied patients? Botox can be used in one week time, after that is not recommended to use it for another three months, it’s strictly forbidden. After three months the effect is reduced and skin regain state as it was before treatment.

Unsatisfied patients are minimal, maybe from two to three percent, but most of them are happy and will always return. These are information which I received from expert. In small talk – “it’s like an addition”. Botox is also called “elixir for youth”, as after the treatment appearance on the skin is more “shiny” and relaxed.

Expert I talk to does from 80 to 100 interventions every year. And the number is increasing.  Customers are manly women (eighty percent), but interest for rejuvenating therapy is among celebrities as also among ordinary people.

It is the same effect as with woman and man treatment, but with man is usually used slightly more substance, because they have stronger muscles.
Few interesting things – after the intervention with Botox, in the fallowing three days, you should not be taking drugs that affect blood clotting (aspirin, anadol …).

Four hours after treatment shouldn’t massage your muscles, but it is advanced to move it a bit. It’s also very advisable and recommended to use cold compress to prevent bruises and pain.

Health_Sept4_BotoxPoison that can’t compare to anything

It’s very interesting that Botox is most poisonous natural substance in nature. But has a very high »security window«. This means that a doctor should inject 500-times higher dose than normal, that would be fatal (lethal dose is 500).

A lot of other drugs are more dangerous than Botox.

For example; certain heart drugs have lethal dose 5, means, that if you take 5 tablets instead of one, you are dead.

Therefore, experts say, if you know how to use Botox in right quantities and on the right muscles – then this could be as medicine. But in the quasi-hands could be very dangerous.

Que (waiting time) and prices – ques varies from expert to expert. But on average, you will probably wait two to four weeks, sometimes more than a month and a half, and the rest only a few days.

Also prices are very different; in some clinics starting at 200 Euros or less, the rest in more than 300 Euros, but the price depends on the amount injected Botox.


During the procedure may appear slight bleeding, which stops almost immediately after the injection. Immediately or with a delay may occur the following reactions: allergy to the substance of preparation, sore, bruise (visible up to one week), redness or pain, sometimes associated with the itch, which can take several days.

With vertical smoothing between the eyebrows, 0.5 percent of patients experience serious problems with the temporary lifting of the upper eyelids, which disappears within three weeks.

Therefore, I would recommend, use Botox with caution. Try to find out as much as you could before intervention and do think through, if you really needed.

Instead of Botox, I would recommend you, to smile as much as you can, and look positively on life ahead.

That’s the best treatment you can give to yourself.

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