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Krk is a Croatian island and is also the seccond largest island in the Adriatic Sea, 405 km2 (38 km length, width to 20 km). 16,402 residents live in 68 of the villages on the island. It has been inhabited since before 10th century BC. The Romans called it Curicta and it was the scene of sea combat between the fleets of Caesar and Pompeius during the Roman Civil War. Krk has historically been a center of Croatian culture.  It is also known as the “golden island”, as the island of Krk has been called since ancient times.krk baška 1

Unlike most other islands it is fairly forested (almost a third of the island). The northwestern part is lower, more fertile, and relatively densely populated. Southeastern part of the island is higher and mostly bare. The highest peak of the Island Obzova also lies here, reaching 569 m in hight. Northeast coast is steep, a little broken and exposed to  strong wind.
How to get to Krk?krk baska 3

You can reach Krk by land, sea and by air because there is also an airport (Rijeka airport) which can handle large and small planes. The island doesn’t have a railway. The nearest railway station is in Rijeka, only 30 km from Krk. There are daily trains to and from Italy, Austria, Germany and Hungary. Rijeka also has daily coach lines which connects all European points such as Munich, Zurich, Trieste, etc. If you like boat rides you can also reach Rijeka by ferry and one of the safe harbours of the island in your own boat. You can leave your boat during the winter in Marina Punat or in other marinas offering dry storage. For the sake of orientation, here are some rough distances for those who prefer coming by car:
München:600 km, Wien:500 km, Budapest:600 km, Praha:800 km, Bratislava:600 km, Trieste: 100 km, Milano:550 km, Ljubljana:150 km, Zagreb:200 km


Baška is one of the most attractive destinations on the Croatian Adriatic coast, mostly because of its 2km-long  natural pebbly beach which has been proclaimed one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. Baška is situated at the far south-east end of the island of Krk, which is Croatia’s biggest island and also its closest one to the  mainland, 43 km from the Krk Bridge. Being only a few hours distant from major European cities makes it an interesting destination not only for summer vacations, but also for weekend breaks and other holidays throughout the year.krk_baska_4

Baška is like a masterpiece water-colour painting, anchored in a bay against a green background, spilling its white rocks along the shore, the colours  merging with Baška’s bright facades, red roofs, old stone steps, wooden shutters and little white boats caressing the shores.

The town is an interesting architectural unit, as it was built on a terrain which gradually rises above sea level.krk beach

Baška’s stunning  natural semi-circular beach  overlooks the Velebit mountain range and the islet Prvić.

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Morocco desert camelVisiting Morocco is a destination which requires a bit more of everything;
time, money, will, condition and on the top, knowing a little French will make easier communication, especially if you are planning to go deeper into center of morocco and in to the south part, as few people there speaks English.

You probably ask yourself right now, why anyone would even want to go there.

The last place in Spain, before you enter Morocco is Algeciras.

You could also taka a different route, via France – there’s a ferry going from Sete in France, to Tangier (but it’s pretty expensive route).

I must not forget, that there is another way to get to Tangier, it is from Tarifa, the most southern place in Spain, and it’s also called paradise for surfers.

Morocco desert palmIt’s amazing place, with lot of nice little surfing places.

It’s not so crowded, and that’s way it makes it so nice.

But who know how long is going to stay this way.

Nevertheless, today I will write a bit about my traveling around Morocco.

I will leave traveling around Spain and Portugal for some other time.

And let’s my trip begins.  So, there is still question why? Perhaps, the answer is hidden in this post.

Morocco is Africa, and on the other hand, it isn’t. It’s Arab country, and again, it isn’t.

As inhabitants are so different; you can find different people, such as Arabs, Berber, Bedouins, Tuareg people and more.

Morocco TajinMorocco really feels a bit eccentric, and at the same time feels unimaginable beautiful.

In my today’s post, I will write about all about surfing, inhabitants, the highest mountain in North Africa, places like Essaouira, Marrakesh and Casablanca and of course much more.

It has been a unforgettable trip through Africa.  Firstly, let me tell you a bit about general information of Morocco.

The official country name is Kingdom of Morocco, and with a help of Prime Minister Country is under the reign of King.

Due to such national organization, Morocco should be extremely safe country, as King Mohamed VI. should provide a protection any safety to Kingdom.

Morocco arabMorocco is one of the Maghreb countries in northern Africa, and Gibraltar is the southern country which is the closest to Africa, Morocco and at the same times it separates it from Europe.

The capital city of Morocco is Rabat, the official language is Arabic, the official religion is Islam and currency is the Moroccan dirham.

A picturesque and diverse Kingdom of Morocco offers a diverse mosaic of each visitor and with its coastline, high snow mountains and green oasis in the desert remind us of the mysterious land of the Thousand and One Nights.

Morocco ruinsIn fact, it is so varied in many great ways, so its features, conflicts, habits of people it’s hard to get to know in a short time.

All the varieties and conflicts are due of mixing different cultures, as well as the interplay of modern and traditional, which is also visible at every step.
It’s also very interesting the meaning of the word of »Morocco«; in Moroccan language means the place where the sun sets in.

The sun sets in and around us is only desert, which glows in glowing red. This is something I’ve seen only in the film.

And sunset for a change is not shoddy. Sunset is therefore not shoddy, but people living in Morocco are all of different kind, sorts, with different qualities.

This is also a due to turbulent history of this country, which has been for some time a European colony.

Morocco doorBerber people living here, are original inhabitant of this area, then are also Arabs, Jews, black Africans, and also some are Europeans, particularly French, as a result of colonial times.

It was not until 1956 when Morocco attainment its independence from under the colonial power France.

We can also find few Spanish people, living in Marocco.

Crispy bread, honey and miracle argan oil; it’s the best breakfast to stay young for a long time.

For century the indigenous Berber tribes of Morocco are more and more convinced about this.

MoroccoBerber people called themselves “free people” and there, in the picturesque villages of Ksar, between untamed proud Atlas proud valleys and soft winds desert dunes, nature imagination has no boundaries.

Against the rural simplicity, there are standing anthills of human imagination, bright royal Moroccan towns with great and a lot of times amazing palaces and mosques.

The old Moroccan tradition says that perhaps one of the best places to look for a wife is in Fes.

Also you’ll certainly fall in love in the bustling Moroccan city! In the old Medina (Medina in the name of old city center) and its colorful heart, for it seems that is there and beats there from always – together with all the professional storytellers, snake tamer, street artists, markets sellers, and all stalls with delicious tajin and numerous spices.

Morocco is the oldest kingdom in the Muslim world. Despite the proximity of Europe, the coast of Morocco is only 14 km away from the Gibraltar.

Morocco Atlas MountainThe kingdom of Morocco seems to us as wrapped in mystery which makes us curious and at the same time inspired us.

It’s a strange, how Morocco was always very attractive to European people. Maybe because is so close, and at the same time so very different.

In a split second it seems as we travel couple of hundred years back in history.

Many famous people he has created a second home in Morocco.

Such as: Yves Saint Laurent, Elizabeth Taylor, Barbara Hutton, the Rolling Stones, Jean Paul Gautier, and Richard Branson.

Winston Churchill explained the phenomenon of Morocco with the words: Ah, Morocco, the country where the days are perfect and nights are cold.

Morocco desertIts true; the moment we step on Moroccan soil, feel that we have come in strange land.

Not quite African, not quite Arab, not entirely European, but just the right combination of everything.

Morocco is strained between two seas, two and three continental cultures, always unpredictable and always dramatic.

In which other country you could find Atlas mountains covered with snow, Atlantic and Mediterranean coastline, Sahara Desert, the king-sized town …

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yin yang
Why almost no one is writing about this?

This is my obviously life companion. Principle. The system of natural health. Way of life that makes me different from most.

From the crowd. How working myself and in a “system of natural health” (SNH) has changed me?

Has it really changed me – or only I found what I already have? In my assessment this is an investment which I returned in many ways.

But at the same time turned my life upside down – or better – on my feet – as I was standing on my head before.

A couple of years ago, I went, full of doubts, but with curiosity and open-minded to my first lecture about philosophy 1

and later continue with philosophy 2, and some more lectures about food, natural law, practice two feasting for 7 days.

Then, I wasn’t even thought about the price that cost me, or even information that I got for this price.

The only think that was important to me at that time, was how to appease curiosity what these things are.

Beside this, my life hurt me so much, that I couldn’t take any more.

Nature woodsThen, this new knowledge, new revelations, was something totally different from what I knew before.

I had a head full of information; this food is good, this food is not good for you, one says this, the other this – in general, it was all mixed up.

Big time. Almost the same as our government, I would say.

Everyone and each defend its own opinion, but most of these people just like to talk about this matter a lot, but there are only few, who fallow and live their life in accordance with what they say or write.

I have try a lot of these things, and on the end I came to the conclusion, that the approach of Michelangelo Chichi is the best from all I knew then.

It’s not about food. This is like a nursery. First step. But only later I became to be interested in the similar seminars and scene and soon I realized that Michelangelo’s lectures are at a world highest level.

It’s like a going to a university. All the other stuff are just fragments, which seems to depend from each individual. Everyone should do their own puzzle.

I went through text which I juts wrote, as I thought it may be a bit too complicated.

But on the end, I have decided that it should stay as it is.

Run in natureIt’s not complicated at all. Ok, in my further post, I will get more specific about these things.

I have changed my food habits for New Year 2005 ( I know, you will say,ohh another new year’s promise, which wouldn’t stay few weeks).

But I must disappoint you. I must say, that I start noticing changes in my health status after a year from when I decided to become vegetarian.

Although I start noticing this, as a result, that I wasn’t catching a cold each winter, it stops pain in my stomach, which I had before, and also pain in my keens went away.

Before, you could see me walking around with my handkerchief also during the summer. I was 28 years old, when I started with changing my food habits.

Nature imaginationThe fallowing years, around two years later, in the summer I didn’t get burns any more, and best of all, I start going to the nature more.

To be more specific, each day I go, and if even for half a hour, to spend some time in the nature. I found out, that it calms me don’t unbelievably.

Now, I actually feed need to be in the nature. After a while, I notice, that I didn’t have any more need for alcohol.

Not that I would take it daily before, but I also cut of alcohol in the weekend.

You won’t believe, but I also changed my jog, my lifestyle, changed my point of view at the world, and perhaps something more, which I can’t remember now.

In addition to food, I regularly start practicing enema, and each year I go to 10 days feasting seminar to Italy, to Italian mountains.

During this time I have learned reflexology massage.

Stone therapyThere was also a seminar about classical massage, but I decided not to go, because I don’t want to practice massage professionally, but only for my own pleasure.

I also start to practice yoga a lot, I am planning to start with skydiving, hopefully next summer. Not hopefully, it’s already arranged that I am going. I start my own business, I am freelancer.

This way of work allows me to have free time when I want, and I am working for myself. Nothing better than that. I began to read books again, I have enhanced my intuition.

I stopped going to the restaurants, pubs, bars, I have drastically reduced my consumption habits, stopped going to the shops, I do not have a shopping fever, I have no TV, new mad cow epidemic and bird flu don’t get to me.

But, very important, I began to know what unconditional love is, I no longer depend on relationships and I see that the universe is exactly as it should be and I’m just all right with all my mistakes and the right qualities.

Natural exerciseAnd still, I know only little, there is still a lot to learn, and I know I will, as I have desire to learn.

But, I shouldn’t forget to tell you, that after all goods stuff that this have brought me, there are also some kind of “bad” stuff, that I am facing right now and which I don’t like so much.

When I solved some dependencies, things immediately led to new once.

Sometimes, I do have some little crises, but the best thing is, that after they are gone, the world is more beautiful, than ever.

Feeling is similar, as if you would pour out water from the lake, and then you see all the dirt and rocks, which were previously well hidden at the bottom in the mud.

And there is no other way than clean it. There is no water to hide it away. This feeling is specially known at feasting. But, on the end is always happiness and a lot of positive thoughts.

Maybe, this is something you should think about some day. And you never know, maybe one day, you decided to try it out.

And when you do, don’t forget to enjoy every moment of it (no matter bad or good once, on the end there are only good once).

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Meditation asanaFirst step – Learn how to meditate

First exercise – breathing visualization

Read these simple guidelines – to put these fallowing steps into practice and they will become quite comfortable and as a habit to you.

In your meditative space (area), do light up a candle and your favored and pleasant incense.

Then, before all other things, put in center of your mind a meditation for the next 10 to 15 minutes.

 No phone calls, no disruption, nothing from the outer world. Imagine that every moment, in which you practice mediation, is your golden chance, that you make a progress in your spiritual journey.

Every attempt, every time you do it, is always a little bit closer to your goal.

To the aim which you have set for yourself.

This will help you feel sincerity and to value your meditation exercise.

nirvana meditationSit comfortably with spine straight, to preserve alertness and keep your eyes half-opened, not wide opened, but half open, half closed.

This is called the lion meditation and allow us to focus the mind better.

If this is too hard for you, you could also close your eyes, but try firstly this method, since it has many advantages.

When creating a relaxed atmosphere, also music is desired.

Music has this advantage that could easily take our mind from thinking, and could easily take us into meditation mood.

chakra meditation spiralLater, I assume, you would prefer silence. Just as a suggestion, flute is an excellent instrument for meditation.

In this exercise we will learn how to calm our mind with meditation, and by concentration on the breath.

If possible, it’s better to breathe through your nose.

To not lose courage, when your mind will be as washed away or when there will be an infinite number of thoughts running around in your mind.

This is totally normal at the beginning, at your start of meditation. Later on, you will teach yourself how to sweep away your thoughts.

Breath and mind are closely connected, and when you direct all your attention on breathing, your mind will slowly gather and focus.

Let all the other thing go, – the only thing that exist is a breath, the river of life energy, which in constantly flowing.

Within the breath feel a sense of calmness quality. If you imagine, than on tip of your nose is a strip, your breath is so calm down, that strip in hardly moving.

For a few minutes try to deepen the sense of calmness, breath is a very quiet move, and the mind slowly becomes more quite and your body motionless. 

balanceObserved a current pause, at the end of your inhale breath, just before you exhale, at the end of your exhale breath, just before you inhale again, and try to extend this moment of calmness between each inhale and exhale breath.

In this way, the breath becomes a little deeper, slower and peaceful and prepares us for deeper breathing.

Now you can focus on different qualities of the inhalation, one after another.

The first is peace – when you breathe in, feel and imagine as you are inhaling peace in all parts of your being.

When you exhale, imagine that you are exhaling all the opposite from the peace – restlessness, stress, negative thoughts or feelings.

If it will help you, you can imagine that you are inhaling a clean, white light purity and peace. Exhale breath is gray from impurities or thoughts.

I would suggest, making it easier for you, that you focused on breath and quality of peace.

Feel how each breath pulls you into little more inside, in the beautiful interior space.

om meditationThe best is the simplicity – the less thoughts and ideas we have in our mind, the better it is.

After a few minutes you will feel as you are breathing in a cosmic energy from the space, which purifies and feel with energy all your beings.

With each inhale, through your body is flowing a river, the river of life force and cosmic energy, which is replacing the fatigue, stress, negative thoughts.

Imagine that you are exhaling all negative qualities. Then you breathe in a quality of joy and happiness.

Feel how it expands inside you, flowing through you – imagine that even your face is smiling.

In next post I will fallow up some more advices for practicing meditation.

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