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Black clover usefully effects

Written by Ales Maticic

Four-leaved clover is for luck, black clover is for our health.

When we think of clover, we always first think of four-leaved clover, which should predict luck and happiness.

This time, I will write down some very positive effects by using black clover, which is body purification and body detox.

There are number of treatments, which offer you various diets, fasting, enema and all sorts of detoxing things.

Python- therapy (therapy with herbs) is among all the most natural and has no side effects. In Siberia, Python- therapy treatment – as a treatment with the help of medicinal plants, is resumed from medical folk tradition and is also used in official medicine.

Dr. Markov Novosibirska is the world’s most recognized Python- therapist, and people from all part of world are visiting him. He is healing solely with herbal preparations.

The first phase of his treatment is detoxification of the body.

Fo this event he recommend an old Siberian tea, which is a mixture of fifteen plants: birch, linden, ash, elder, nettle, lampblack, buckthorn, cherry, coltsfoot, milfoil, marigold, mint, needles Siberian cedar, black clover.

Since detoxification of organism can be very well achieved with the herbs that grow with us, it is recommended that use herbs that you have gathered yourself, daily drink a cup of sage tea and one cup of black clover tea.

BLACK clover or Trifolium or trefoil

It is one of the oldest medicinal herbs. It has red-purple flowers in a shape od snowball and the three-tier split.

Trojan leaves are a symbol of the Christian Trinity (the holy father-son-spirit) and the Irish national emblem, which is dedicated to Saint Patrick.

Active ingredients: tannins, phenols, flavonoids, selenium, caffeine acid, calcium, chromium, magnesium, tin, or thiamine vitamin B1, niacin or vitamin B3, vitamin C, phosphorus, copper.

black clover fieldBlack clover activity

Adaprogen – enhances the overall health, prevent the formation of new blood vessels in tumors, pure blood, detox and enhances liver functioning and gall bladder, preventing the uncontrolled growth of tumors, prevent constipation, facilitates expectoration, stimulates secretion of bile and urine, quite strong effect of estrogen (increases fertility).

Black clover is known in different cultures as a very useful against cancer.

American scientist Jonathan Hartwell in The Journal of Natural Products announced the fact that 33 different cultures around the world, used a black clover to fight against cancer.

National Cancer Institute’s research confirmed the effectiveness of a black clover against cancer, because of the presence of daidzeine and genistene.

Moreover, a black clover contains antioxidant tocopherol and a mixture of E vitamins.

It helps organism to dominate the state, known as “the dominance of estrogen, which is associated with many forms of cancer (ovaries, breast, uterus, … …).

And some additional healing characteristics

  • Stimulates secretion and digestion, reduces spasms and tension in the muscles, and facilitates expectoration.
  • Prevent the uncontrolled growth of tumors, prevent constipation, facilitates expectoration, stimulates secretion of bile and urine, can have even the effect of estrogen, it increases fertility.
  • Assists with skin diseases, eczema, and psoriasis.
  • It helps enthusiastic larynx, throat and soothes the mouth ulcers.
  • Alleviates the problem in menopause.

Although, the black clover is originally from Europe, the North American Indians were the first, who starts using it in alternative medicine.

It also is treat psoriasis, eczema and other skin diseases.

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