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The biotherapy

Bio-energy is a very wide concept, which arises from the ancient Greek. The word bios is the Greek word for life, so we are talking about the life energy that is the foundation of life, and without that energy is no life.
Biotherapy or also called treatment with bio-energy and treatment with laying and putting hands on body, is  probably the oldest method known around the world.

Bio-energy is a cosmic energy, universal life force, which is present everywhere around 5000 years B.C. ago. About 5.000 years B.C. Indians called it prana or breath.
In China they call it chi.  In biotherapy we are using it to make balance and to increase strength  for human energy field and consequently also balance to immune system.

Biotherapy treatment is performed four days in a row, with single therapy each day, which takes approx. from half to one hour, depending on the patient condition.

The biotherapy can mitigate or eliminate the following problems

Diabetes, anorexia, problems with thyroid, prostate, ovaries, spinal bladder, stomach diseases, heart, liver, kidneys, varicose veins, sciatica, hemorrhoids, asthma, various allergies, anemia, vision problems and sinus, etc. …
Course of therapy
One set of treatment, if I may call it that way, usually takes four consecutive days. You could say that this kind of therapy is a service of bio human fields, body energy or aura.
During the initial interview the therapist ask the client to obtain any information on the symptomatology and the official diagnosis. This is followed by the entry of a therapist in the client’s bio-field, energy processing of vital parts and organs diseased or problematic.

Finally, the therapist performs a closing of the bio-field and energy reset. The effects of therapy are generally perceived the first day. It is also possible, that we notice, on a second or third day, a new reaction that has occur. This reaction reflects the individual’s immune system.

Optimal treatment effects are visible from five to ten days after the therapy was preformed. If we are facing serious trouble, then the range of treatments should be repeated several times.

People who are performing biotherapy treatments are also familiar with theta healing, psychoanalyst and with the various techniques of active meditation.

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