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Visit Argentina, to have a cup of cafe or mate in Buenos Aires.

Name Buenos Aires could be translated as “good, clean air” but I think its name relates more to the energy which the capital of Argentina exudes.
Beauty, coffee, antiquarian, connection, companionship, passion, temperament, hot temper, timelessness and Siesta, all of that and even more is Buenos Aires, so full of contradictions, and yet so simple.

Buenos Aires is a noisy and chaotic city, and the first impression you will get is very impersonal.

The streets are endless, buildings and houses reach the figure of 9000 or more, and most of them are quite dark and narrow, with the exception of the main avenues, which can be up to 12-lane.

However, Buenos Aires is a city that attracts travelers from near and far places. Buenos Aires is known as a city, which leaves an impression of familiarity on travelers.
Most buildings built in the Argentine capital have a European architecture, a style from 18th in 19th century.

That’s why; I didn’t have feeling that I was somewhere right at the other end of the world.  In fact, all Argentina is very European, quite modern, stylish and safe, but rather not mentioned this to local people, as they don’t see such as comparison as a compliment.

Buenos Aires and Beauty

Potreñosi, known as residents of Buenos Aires, are named after the port which is the largest in the country. They are friendly and hospitable people, men are the real cavaliers. They say that they are learning “cavaliering” from younger age, because their women are very complex and demanding.

Additional they say, it is difficult to understand the members of the weaker sex in general, but then there are also Argentinean women’s, especially townswomen’s, which are hard to understand (this was humorously said by a man in his thirties, which I have met in the city).

Men are open and communicative. They are making friends very quickly especially with tourists, as they exchange their free time and free entrance to the city for new acquaintances. They offer their acquaintances everywhere – in restaurants, on the streets or in commercial buildings. Women are more reserved and have considerable distance against tourist women. Argentina women love attention and commitment, therefore, they see competition in foreign tourist women.

Argentina women are also known as very competitive. Beauty is very important to them, so they spend much time in fitness centers, beauty salons, where they are looking after their appearance.  Especially in the prestigious areas of Buenos Aires, such as Recoleta or Puerto Moreno, women are always perfectly dressed with faultless make-up.

Their excessive concern for beauty is increasing with ages. For all this, you could see old ladies with inflated lips. And they are smoothing forehead and cheeks with help of cosmetic operations, so that not even one wrinkle and signs of aging is seen. But only hands and neck are telling the real truth about ages.  Faces of beautiful exotic girls are often hidden behind the ton of make-up, and you got feeling, that they don’t even realize, that Argentina women are one of the most beautiful women of the world.

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