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ANDALUSIA present a south-westerly part of Spain

Andalusia is easy to describe as a great and exciting, sunny, temperamental and passionate, it is also the home of flamenco, bullfights and beautiful places.

Andalusia is a region which also looks at the Mediterranean Sea and Atlantic Ocean and this is a reason why it has such a wonderful climate.

Moors have strongly marked this province by its cultural heritage, which you can admire in the larger cities: Cordoba, Seville, Granada…


It is a land of beautiful places with wild spreading landscapes, full of shiny green olive groves.

Moreover you will be attracted to bright sea and snow-covered mountain peaks.

If you decided to visit Andalusia, you will be charmed with villages in white, which are something special.

Furthermore you will not be indifferent at the sight of a beautiful city.

But, on the other hand, Andalusia in many ways represents the diversity of Spain as it is based on the Mediterranean and Atlantic at the same time.

It is a nice quite atmosphere on one side, and cold winter and hot summer on the other side. Nevertheless, I should forget about wide selection of food, from both sides of the sea.

There are numerous vineyards, pastures, orchards, fields and olive groves.

AlhambraSpanish south side is the link between the Christian and Islamic world. Over the Al-Andalus medieval Europe has be acquaint with Greek philosophy.

Many museums were originally mosques and are as churches today.

Arab forts and towns are still standing today and invite us to visit them. Have you heard about Alhambra in Granada, Cordoba, Seville, Malaga?

Although, we shouldn’t forget, that a very strong historian period in Andalusia was effected by Moors for eight centuries.

You could still see some of their culture in building structure and flamenco dancing, as dough, not a lot people will admit the last.

The most famous building is a beautiful Alhambra Palace in Granada which absolutely worth visiting.

Alhambra was built by the Moors in the 14th century. Situated on a hill above the town, goes out of sight on one side of town and on the other you could see the snowy peaks of Sierra Nevada (3398 m).

No words could describe that. Walking through this palace you could feel how Arab sheikh knew to enjoy life.

Alhambra GranadaAlhambra is Arab place with its mystery and love story, as for example, love between a daughter of the sultan and serf in Generalife.

It is true, that is better being there early in the morning to book your ticket for the day, but believe me and it’s worth waiting.

We bought ticket early morning, for go into the gardens at 12 a.m., and we were lucky.

As most of palaces, which were built by Arabic people, were ruin, Alhambra is the one that lived though in one peace.

Andalusia white village

Imagine mosaics, shady walkways under arches, palm trees, the smell of myrtle, open gardens with mosaics and numerous fountains.

But I must also admit that most famous are and will remain Granada tapas!

This is an old Andalusia tradition that every drink is served with free delicious little things.

This kindheartedness is possible to experience only in Granada and its surroundings. This should try it out!

In my next few posts I will write more about Seville, Gibraltar and some other nice and places that I would recommend its worth visiting.

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