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Best food for blood type 0
In my previous post I already mentioned some sort of food, which are highly recommended for blood type 0. In this post, I will write a bit more about suitable seafood, vegetables and fruit.

fish_oilFish – they are excellent source of proteins, which are very suitable for group 0. Specially sort of fish that comes from cold waters as cod, mackerel and herring.  During human evolution there was a process of changes in blood concentration, which haven’t been present in blood 0 yet. That way blood group 0 is so rare, which is not very condensable and coagulates.

This process can be reduced with consumption of fish oil. Fish oil is very good with intestinal inflammation, as group 0 is more subservience to colitis and croon disease. Nevertheless sea food is a excellent source of iodine, which regulates function of thyroid gland. Therefore, lets sea food be on your menu very often. Useful: ginger, raw salmon, swordfish, halibut, hake, white fish, cod, river perch, sardines, mackerel, herring, pike, rainbow trout. Neutral: eel, mussel, carp, sea trout, sea salmon, sea devil, plaice, oysters, crabs, redfish, scallop pilgrimage, sardines, cuttlefish and calamari, tuna, haddock. Harmful: sea bass, octopus, caviar, smoked salmon, marinated herring.

DAIRY PRODUCTS AND EGGS – Group 0 must drastically reduce ldairygroupimit of dairy products, because their organism have hard time intake it. In this group of food, you won’t find usefully and recommended food.  Limitations for these foods are as fallow; 4-5 eggs per week and very small amount of dairy products. But another thing is, that not using enough dairy products can lead to shortage of calcium, especially for young people and for women in the menopause. Therefore, is much recommended to get enough calcium with dietary supplements. Neutral: goat cheese, butter, mozzarella, sheep’s cheese (feta), soy cheese and soya milk. Harmful: Yogurt (all types), kefir, curd, cheese from cow’s milk, milk (skimmed or whole), processed cheese, ice cream, cheese with mold.

– Group 0 tolerates fat, which represents a good source of energy for these people and helps regulate digestion and purgation. Very suitable are olive oil and linseed oil, because they help reduce bad cholesterol in the blood. Useful: olive oil, linseed oil. Neutral: rapeseed oil, fish oil, sesame oil. Harmful: peanut oil, coconut butter, oil, cotton oil.

Fruit and nuts – they contain good protein which suits the best group 0, but still they can replaced meat and fishes, especially they are quite fat. People with weight problems should limit consumption of nuts. Dry fruit could cause some digest problems, therefore is recommended to chew it very good or even better, only use oils and butters made of this nuts.

Useful: nuts, Pumpkin seeds. Neutral: almond and almond butter, sesame butter, chestnuts, sunflower margarine, American walnut, Macadamia nuts, pine nuts, sunflower seeds, Sesame seeds, nuts. Harmful: peanuts, peanut butter, litchi, Brazil nuts, pistachio, poppy seed.

– group 0 is not using proteins in legumes as they should. In general legumes are blocking assimilation of important nutrients from the food. Good example is meat. In addition to that, they make muscles less acidic, which isn’t very good for this type of group. Group 0 is maintaining health and vitality with slight acidity in the muscles.
But, do not mix up muscle acidity with acidity of digestive juices.  Nevertheless use legumes in small quantities, approx. 1-2 times a week.

Useful: aduke beans, Adzuki beans. Neutral: cannellini (white beans), string beans, green beans, peas, chick peas, black beans, field beans, lima beans. Harmful: mountain lentils, kidney beans, red lentils, green lentils, Tamarinds.

12308807883333333333333cereals1CEREALS AND CEREAL PRODUCTS – People with group 0 do not tolerate any of wheat products; therefore wheat should be banned from all menus. Wheat contains lectins, which react with blood and digestive tract and are obstructing absorption of important nutrients.

Wheat is the main reason for blood type 0 to gain weight. All gluten that wheat contains slows down metabolism and helps you to gain weight. It’s the same story with pastries, which are mainly made from wheat flour.
Even though you will still be using a big part of permitted types of cereal; still be very careful and do not go over the top.

Neutral: Amaranth, Buckwheat flour, basmati rice, bread, Essen (from toughened wheat), barley flour, Pirin bread, bread with coarse rye flour, natural unglazed rice flour, prose bread, quinoa, rice (white, wild), rice flour, rice waffles, rye bread, rye flour. Harmful: Bulgur, Graham bread, maize flour, corn meal, corn flakes, corn starch, cuscus, strong wheat flour, oat flakes, oat Bran, oat Bran, Oat flour, man-wheat flour, whole meal bread, wheat, wheat flakes, wheat germ, wheat bran wheat bread, wheat flour (type 405), wheat flour with germ, wheat grouts, noodles (durum), rye bread with Bran (pumpernickel).

2009_04_15-vegetablesVEGETABLES –  There are all sorts of vegetables, which are very useful and good for blood type 0. But still be a bit careful with fallowing vegetables; cabbage, Brussels sprouts and cauliflower which are obstructing function of thyroid. Thyroid is in general quite lazy in group 0. Green vegetables, which contains a lot of vitamin C – vegetables as kale, green cabbage, lettuce, broccoli, spinach – it’s however very useful. Do not forget, what I mentioned before, that vitamin C helps with blood coagulation problems.

Alfalfa seeds have a lot of substance, which can irritate gastrointestinal tract and may even worse problems with digestive juice problems. Also some mushroom could be problematic – I would recommend avoiding mushrooms šitaki.

Vegetables as aubergines and potatoes cause pain or inflammation of limbs. Corn lectins are affecting production of insulin in the body, which can lead to diabetes. Group 0 should also avoid corn products, even more, if they are overweighed or have diabetes in the family. Tomato is the exception here; rich, with strong lectins, which cause problems to blood type A and B, but are good for blood type 0.

Useful: artichokes, Swiss chard, broccoli, pumpkin, onion, garlic, produce, cabbage, Swedes, peppers (red), leeks, dandelion, roman lettuce, spinach, green chicory, sweet potato (batata). Neutral: Bamboo shoots, RIBBED vegetables, chilli, Head lettuce, germ mungo beans, fennel (fennel), carrots, cucumber, Iceberg, Lamb’s lettuce, green olives, catfish, pak-Choi, peppers (yellow and green) tomatoes, spring onions, chicory, red beets, radishes, rocket, Swedes, shallots, asparagus, water cress, green.  Harmful: alfalfa germ, avocados, Brussels sprouts, potatoes, cauliflower, aubergines, Chinese cabbage, corn, black olives, red cabbage, champignons, šitaki mushrooms, cabbage.

– group 0 can enjoy all sorts of fruit. Fruit is not only a good source of fiber, vitamins and minerals, but also represents good substitute for bread and pasta. Piece of fruit will be more suitable to your body then bread; at the same time this will also help you lose weight. You may be surprised to find your favorite fruit on banned list, but on the other hand, you will find a lot of suitable fruits for your group.

Plums, prunes and figs are very useful to you, because most of the dark red, blue and purple fruits usually cause basic reaction in digestive tract and with this balance highly acidity in digestive tract. But still beware, that some of the fruit may contain mold, which is very unsuitable for this group. Watermelon is one of them for example.

Do enjoy allowed melons and watermelons in small quantities. Also oranges, mandarins and raspberries are not very recommended, because they contain a lot of acid. Grapefruit also have high quantities of acid, but you can still enjoy them in small quantities as it has basic digest reaction.

Group 0 are very sensitive to the coconut and all products that contain it. It’s also good to check that products you enjoy, do not have a coconut oil in it, as it has high calorific value.

apple_logo_rainbow_fruitUseful: dark plums, red plums, prunes, green plums, figs, dried figs. Neutral: pineapples, bananas, elderberries, blueberries, peaches, cranberries, cherries, Dates, Pomegranates, grapefruit, grapes, guavas, pears, apples, carambola, kiwi fruit, gooseberries, limes, lemons, watermelons, raspberries, mangos, apricots, melons (Kananga, Spanish), nectarines, papaya, rhubarb, currants (red and black), raisins. Harmful: Strawberries, Coconuts, leeches, mandarins, melons (honey, cantaloupe), oranges, blackberries.

– Group 0 is more suitable for vegetables juices, which are more basic. If you drink fruit juice, choose between these who have little or no added sugar. Pineapple juice is very good to drain water from the body and to prevent meteorism, factors that contribute to an increase in weight. Cherry juice is also very useful, because is alkaline. In principle, you can use all vegetables and fruits, which are allowed or quite neutral.
Useful: pineapple juice, cherry juice, prunes juice. Neutral: grape juice, lemon juice, vegetable juices allowed, apricot juice, juice, carrots, cucumber juice, tomato juice, grapefruit juice, papaya juice, green juice, blueberry juice. Harmful: Cider, apple juice, orange juice, cabbage juice.

SPICES AND HERBS – If you decided to choose the right spices for your blood type, you could increase effectiveness of your digest tract and immune system. Additives, that contain for example laminario, are very suitable for group 0, because they are rich on iodine and essential for proper thyroid function. Also iodine salt is suitable, but still be careful of not using it too much.

Algae Laminaria helps alleviate stomach acidity and thus reduce possibilities of stomach infections. Do not forget that also seaweed is good regulator of metabolism and are great help to lose weight. Parsley works as sedative for your digestive system, as well as some spicy herbs as curry and savory red pepper.

But remember, that black pepper and white wine vinegar will irritate your gastrointestinal. You can use a sauce which contains sugar; neither chocolate will be harmful for this type. But do avoid corn syrup as sweetener.

Useful: cayenne pepper, curry, ginger, parsley, curcuma.

Neutral: basil, bergamot, garlic Chives chocolate, mustard, horseradish, anise, maple syrup, barley malt, cocoa, cardamom, coriander, chervil, cumin, light mayonnaise, honey, carnation beings, bay leaf, marjoram, molasses, Cumin, paprika powder, Tarragon, allspice, pepper mint, red pepper (cayenne), rosemary, white, brown and unrefined sugar, salt, soy sauce, soy paste, thyme, sage, saffron, sauce Worcester.

Harmful: balsamic vinegar, cinnamon, apple vinegar, capers, wine vinegar, Muscovy walnut, vanilla, black and white pepper, corn syrup, tomato ketchup.

Herbal teas and other drinks – I suggest you think of herbal tea as way of increasing effectiveness and to fight against your congenital weaknesses. Aim for group 0 is to calm down our digestive and immune system. Herbs as mint, parsley, rosehip and sarsaparilla are a big help to achieve that. On the other hand, herbs as aloa, whiskers, corn and some others are the one that irritates your system.

ginseng, hops, ginger, lime flowers, pepper mint, dandelion, sarsaparilla, rosehip, club soda, seltzer water, water. Neutral: valerian, white birch, elder, hawthorn, chamomile, cat mint, raspberry leaves, green mint, milfoil, thyme, wine, seltz water, soda, beer, green tea, sage. Harmful: black tea, diet lemonade, gentian, strawberry leaves, real coffee, rhubarb, Echinacea, spirit drinks, cola.

I recommend to choose between food beneficial and neutral, otherwise it may lead to a lack of certain vitamins and minerals. Avoid harmful foods. Recommended additives – the main task for additives is to replace substance, that are missing in daily food, and give you protection, where is needed the most: to stimulate metabolism, improve blood thickening, prevent infections, stabilization of thyroid function.

Therefore, try to eat in accordance with your blood type – And Feel The Difference.

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